What skincare advice would you be able to share with me?

  1. nball6223 profile image58
    nball6223posted 7 years ago

    What skincare advice would you be able to share with me?

    I'm writing a hub about different beauty rituals and would like to use any kind of advice that you would share with me. I'm comparing what women use in america as compared to other places to make themselves seem more attractive if not for themselves then to attract that special someone.

  2. Gonindunit profile image58
    Gonindunitposted 7 years ago

    In my over 60 years of experience, I've learned four things.
    1. Don't sunbathe or use a solarium. I've had skin cancers removed from my nose. Not a pretty sight. A moderate amount of sun is healthy and necessary. Tanning also ages/wrinkles your skin making it the consistency of leather.
    2. Never put anything on your skin that could make you sick if you swallow it. I use only skin creams with 100% natural ingredients. My cream of choice is Weleda, but I don't know if I'm allowed to say that. Hope so.
    3. Eat healthy food and watch out for the gunk. You will have a beautiful healthy glow as your skin is able to get enough oxygen.
    4. Get enough exercise. Sitting around is not what our bodies were created to do.

    I have one last suggestion: Check out the ingredients in your makeup. Some of it is toxic. Natural is always the best path to follow.

  3. Spider Girl profile image66
    Spider Girlposted 7 years ago

    I've tried and tested gram flour (the garbanzo beans powder or chickpea powder) to renew and brighten complexion. It also cleanses the skin so well that you may skip your regular cleanser for it. I use it for cleansing and gentle exfoliation daily. Sometimes just adding a bit of milk, yogurt can make a good moisturizing treat. I've also used each and every fruit for treating many skin problems, honey, milk and yogurt (sometimes buttermilk), mayonnaise, and the list goes on. I always keep on experimenting with different ingredients to make wonderful facial masks.