which color is suitable for piceses

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    mojakposted 7 years ago

    which color is suitable for piceses

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    keepitnaturalposted 7 years ago

    Blue, green, turquoise.
    Birth stones for pisces include sapphire, aquamarine, jade, bloodstone, amethyst.

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    cascolyposted 7 years ago

    birthstones are an invention of the jewelry industry to sell more product  - just like valentine's day, mothers day, etc - there's probably some element of history to it, but it's like christmas - the christian date was moved to 25 dec to correspond to the winter solstice date commemorating the birth of mithras, one of the rival gods of the time

    >>>>The idea of each person always wearing a gemstone corresponding to the month of his or her birth is a distinctly modern idea that scholars trace to 18th century Poland, with the arrival of Jewish gem traders in the region. But the modern list of birthstones was not defined until 1912, by the National Association of Jewelers (Jewelers of America) in the USA.

    http://www.gemselect.com/other-info/bir … istory.php