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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

  1. Princessa profile image85
    Princessaposted 7 years ago

    Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

  2. Ellarose92 profile image59
    Ellarose92posted 7 years ago

    I think it depends on the kind of hair extentions you have and how you take care of it. If you use glue youhave to be really careful because it can demage hair and if your not delicate when brushing your hair it can pull as well

  3. jennysbus profile image60
    jennysbusposted 7 years ago

    I got mine extensions beaded in and I knotted half of my head after 2 week. i had to get them taken out and now I just wear clip in ones when I want my hair long. I loved having my hair long and next time I think I will get them glued in because the beads hurt my head and I couldn't sleep properly.

  4. profile image51
    lovelyinpinkposted 6 years ago

    I had and have glued extensions. The first time I kept them for about 4 months but then my own hair had been growing so much that it started to look messy. First time I made it to get thicker hair and only 1" longer than my own, but I liked it so much that after two months without extensions (professionally removed) I had it done again and this time added quite a bit of length as well, 10".
    It has definitely not damaged my own hair, rather made it to grow faster and be healthier. OK I have payed a lot and had it done at a very professional salon, where I revisit every other week as it is important to take well care.

  5. NYBeautyBeat profile image58
    NYBeautyBeatposted 5 years ago

    Hair extensions do not damage hair. The damaging aspect of hair extensions lies in the removal process, type of extensions, and hair maintenance.The popular methods of applying hair extensions are gluing, taping, weaving, cold or hot fusion and clip-ins. The healthiest and easiest method of adding extensions is through the weaving method. The hair is sold in long wefts or tracks like human hair weave. Your hair is braided and the wefts of hair are sewn on the braids. This is the safest and healthiest because there are no chemicals involved your hair is actually being protected because of the braids. As long as, the hair is maintained by always detangling it after washing and having a professional remove the wefts, weaving can be used as a protective hairstyle that promotes hair growth. Clip-ins are not damaging if you are gentle with the clip-in extensions and keep it from tangling if you remove them with care instead of yanking them out. Gluing in extensions is the quickest way to apply extensions but can damage hair only when it's being removed. During the removal process the hair needs to be saturated with a glue remover and allowed enough time for the glue to soften. The weft of hair should essentially fall off the hair while you guide it with your hands. When glued hair is removed like this and the glue is washed thoroughly your hair will not be damaged. Patience is key because if you dont wait long enough to remove the wefts of hair, that's when you start pulling and damaging your hair. The same applies to taping but taping is very hard to remove on your own and you should have someone else, preferably a hairdresser experienced in extensions remove them. Cold or hot fusion must be done by a professional and removed by a professional to ensure there is no damage done to the hair.