Great information on topaz. Do you know about kunzite?

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    carol2050posted 7 years ago

    Great information on topaz. Do you know about kunzite?

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    snakebabyposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for checking out  my hub, carol. Honestly, I had never heard of kunzite and glad you asked so I had a chance to do a few minutes research myself and gained some basic knowledge. There are info online that you can easily get, but I'd like to try to answer it here in my own words to practice my understanding smile

    Kunzite is one of the varieties of Spodumene which is a source of lithium, when it is purplish, it is named kunzite. Kunzite is relatively a new gemstone that only became popular in 1990's. It shares one thing with topaz, that is the perfect cleavage, which makes kunzite a difficult stone to be faceted therefore it is mostly used as decoration for ornamental objects, not for rings which require small stones. But still there are jewelry made of it, for the beauty of its color is irresistible. People tend to wear it pretty much in the evening due to the fact that the color fades with prolonged sun exposure, although the fading process is slow.

    I can continue to say more, but its almost 2 and I haven't finished my lunch yet. Hope the info is helpful