Where can I buy Ugg Halendi?

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    soobee07posted 7 years ago

    Where can I buy Ugg Halendi?

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    michifusposted 7 years ago

    Hi Soobee,

    I have updated this hub, and you'll be pleased to hear that I have added in a link where you can buy the Ugg Halendi. I think there is limited stock available though, so let me know if you cant find your size and I can point you in the right direction - Of course, if you are not in the US or Ca, then this wont be any good so let me know which country you need them sending to!

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    bridgessarahposted 7 years ago

    try searching for Ugg Halendi discount deals in online stores. Some online shoe stores offer free delivery and free return shipment, so it would save you both time and money.