I would like to know your thoughts on hairloss & several cuts to look at thank-y

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    pegoasposted 6 years ago

    I would like to know your thoughts on hairloss & several cuts to look at thank-you

    hi ! I ve been trimming my hair four about 15 yrs no w. My hair has always been  beautiful,but for about 9 months my hair has been fallin out. dr. doesnt know? now it s so thin I HAVE TO cut it . I m trying for something about shoulder length. Please help

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    SueShepardposted 6 years ago

    Hello! It couldn't hurt to surf the web for some reasons to why you may be losing your hair. Could be meds you are taking, nutrition, etc. You may find an inexpensive and safe way to fix it. If you have the means. you can look into clip in hair pieces that you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply or the like. They are made from human hair and can blend in nicely. Just some thoughts. smile

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    Maebe2meposted 6 years ago

    I lost my hair completely in my early 20's (1980's).  It all started with I thought, normal hair loss and escalated to several balding spots all over and then completely lost all my hair.  I never thought I would ever have hair again.  I guess it's called alopecia areata ... Consulted with several doctors - and the causes can vary .... in my case, it's stress.
    Fortunately, I listened to my aunt who suggested I should use fresh aloe vera and apply it twice a day all over my scalp.... It took months but it worked!!!
    I still exprerience hair loss when I am under stress ... I am just thankful that I still have hair... more than most people.
    Good luck!