Is shaving harm the skin glossiness ?

  1. hollyhock profile image37
    hollyhockposted 6 years ago

    Is shaving harm the skin glossiness ?

    My skin is very oily in summer but in winter it is ok. But problem is that running a shave is time consuming for me. thereby I shave once a week to keep my skin young.

  2. Smart is Good profile image60
    Smart is Goodposted 6 years ago

    Yes, It is harmful. You are a guy and every time you shave it still leaves some sort of shadow, right? This is hair stuck in you pores. Every time you shave you also shave layers of your skin damaging it. Even if you're doing it once a week it still harms your skin. I know shaving is cheap and quick but not always the best. Since it has blades in layers it also shaves your skin in layers making it harder for it to recover. Some hair removal creams don't work too well on thick hair, which is the kind of hair that grows after you shave it over and over again. But some men are brave enough to try waxing. I know it's expensive but it's efective and long lasting. Now, If you don't wan't to spend that much money on you beard and moustache just do it yourself. I just posted a hub about a very inexpensive waxing method and it uses natural ingredient such a sugar and lemon. Sugar soothes and moisturises your skin so there's no chances of damage. This method is actually painless in comparison to real wax. And you could do this on the week ends and be hairless for about 3 weeks. I actually recommend this to you, your skin will be so soft and smooth. It will look very nice and you should only have to apply some lotion on it after you wash your face in the mornings, no more shaving pal. Face stubble is a chick repellent big_smile Hope this helped