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Do you think its ok to show tattoos and piercings at work? and if so how many?

  1. Sky Fisher profile image60
    Sky Fisherposted 6 years ago

    Do you think its ok to show tattoos and piercings at work? and if so how many?

  2. Nspeel profile image75
    Nspeelposted 6 years ago

    This would all depend on where you work. If you worked in a tattoo parlor show as many as you can. If you at a suite and tie job I would recommend showing NONE. All depends on the type of work and what market you are working with.

  3. trecords0 profile image60
    trecords0posted 6 years ago

    It depends on your work.  I would hope people would have enough sense to know what is appropriate at work and not.

  4. Nefarious_Misery profile image66
    Nefarious_Miseryposted 6 years ago

    I agree that the type of work being done is important.
    Do I care if my plumber has tattoos? No.
    Would I care if my doctor had tattoos? Maybe.

  5. Jonesy0311 profile image61
    Jonesy0311posted 6 years ago

    Definitely depends on the job. If you never want to ascend to a higher station in life, or you work in a tattoo parlor, let it all hang out. I have never been a fan of piercings, but I have a full tattoo sleeve and several others. I always, always, always, wear long sleeve shirts at work. The truth is that body modification is not as widely accepted as some would like to believe. I still get dirty looks to this day. Since I don't carry around a copy of my resume, this is all many people need to form a first impression.

    If you're wrenching on my motorcycle, I would expect you to have tats. If I'm going to the doctor's office, I should see nice white lab coats and nothing else.

  6. shamani67 profile image60
    shamani67posted 6 years ago

    It entirely depends on the work that you do. In some areas it is definitely a no no. In others it would not matter what tattoos you had or how many.
    I personally have eleven tats, all of which cannot be seen. That was my choice due to my profession at the time.
    You really just have to have common sense.

  7. maticmagister profile image57
    maticmagisterposted 6 years ago

    people judge you, no-one gives you the freedom to be as you are.

  8. bwhite062007 profile image86
    bwhite062007posted 6 years ago

    It is true that it depends on where you work and the community you are dealing with. Yes, a lot of people still look down on you for having tattoos. But I am a shift supervisor(manager) and pharmacy tech at my job and have two visibly shown tattoos on my wrists. I've never heard anybody make bad comments about them. A lot of customers even ask where I got them done. I think it depends on your personality too. Yes I may have tattoos, but I am still a nice, personable person.