What is the best make-up to use for covering scar tissue?

  1. Hawkesdream profile image70
    Hawkesdreamposted 6 years ago

    What is the best make-up to use for covering scar tissue?

    I was in a car accident which left me with a number of scars. I have tried many different products, but have yet to find one that does the job. Is there a really good product out there?

  2. Bills Place profile image84
    Bills Placeposted 6 years ago

    Sorry to hear about your accident, I haven't had experience with make-up myself, However my girlfriend was also in a bad car accident which left her with scars from reconstructive surgery and I asked if she might have an answer.

    She said it might sound stupid, but tan first and it will help fade your scars out some. Then concealer will be your best friend, try not to use an oil based concealer. She recently played around with make up from Estee Lauder and found that the "Ideal Light Brush on Illuminator" works like a charm.

    Try to get one that's around your skin tone, also works on dark circles under the eyes. She said using a little bit of coco butter lotion everyday will help lighten up the scars as well.

  3. kayha profile image72
    kayhaposted 6 years ago

    Try Dermablend Leg and Body Cover. It feels light, but gives a full-coverage.