Has anyone had a bad experience with Botox?

  1. simonsez profile image68
    simonsezposted 5 years ago

    Has anyone had a bad experience with Botox?

    I would like to know what other options there to get rid of wrinkles other than using Botox.  Good experience? Bad experience?

  2. Daniela66 profile image60
    Daniela66posted 5 years ago

    I find facial fillers, such as Juviderm can work wonders when correctly used to fill in the marionette lines or age related hollowing under delicate tissue under the eyes. Restalyn is a similar product, and personally I find both can restore more youthful appearance. Please do your research on the doctor performing either Botox or facial fillers. Word of mouth, a friend with positive past experience is a great way to find a professional who will make certain you will be pleased at the end results. Check the accreditations and ask your doctor to explain differences between assorted fillers. Make certain the Botox is mixed immediately prior to administration to ensure it is "fresh".
    To answer your question regarding nightmarish experience with Botox, I decided to try a different doctor for the first time in ten years. Never mind he came highly recommended (by a friend on whom he had performed a mini face-lift..)  I mentioned him to use caution in order to avoid what I call "droopy upper eye lid", and he assured he felt comfortable administering the injections to avoid this.  I had this happen one time in the past with a doctor in NYC, and trust me, it is not an attractive look. I walked around for three months looking as if I had a) been up for three days straight, or b) drank an entire bottle of vodka. Basically I frightened children and small animals until it finally wore off.
    Fast forward five days after my latest botox, and !voila!, here I sit once again looking like a freak. I visited the good doctor, who basically told me I was "too sensitive" about this issue. There is nothing but time which will cure my droopy eyes, and thank goodness for large, dark sunglasses.