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Dresses, skirts or pants? What is more comfortable to you?

  1. Ana Teixeira profile image83
    Ana Teixeiraposted 5 years ago

    Dresses, skirts or pants? What is more comfortable to you?

  2. Pamela99 profile image87
    Pamela99posted 5 years ago

    I think pants are more comfortable, although I do have some skirt I like quite well. I only wear dresses for special occasions.

  3. Jesus was a hippy profile image58
    Jesus was a hippyposted 5 years ago

    I prefer "pants" or trousers. People tend to stare when I wear dresses and skirts.

  4. Sherry Hewins profile image95
    Sherry Hewinsposted 5 years ago

    I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I prefer dresses.

  5. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Pants. Always and forever will be. I always think about how easy it was to get raped throughout history for women with dresses and skirts.

  6. LaThing profile image75
    LaThingposted 5 years ago

    I like leggings, i guess that could be considered as pants! Leggings with long shirts are my favorite. I also like dresses, but I don't always wear them.

  7. annewilson profile image61
    annewilsonposted 5 years ago

    As per myself "Pant" with Tunic but it is only when we wear casually but if i have to go for party or any special occasion then i fill comfortable either in Dress or Skirt.

  8. Laura Schneider profile image90
    Laura Schneiderposted 5 years ago

    Dresses and skirts, hands down. Especially long dresses/skirts because I can sit down and tuck my feet under like a portable blanket. I also like the swish of a long skirt on my legs and ankles. I think, personally, that women universally look better in skirts/dresses than pants.

    However, I do also love the durability and (pocket) practicality of comfy, broken-in jeans.