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What are the benefits of powder blush over liquid blush?

  1. Simone Smith profile image91
    Simone Smithposted 4 years ago

    What are the benefits of powder blush over liquid blush?

    Is it less expensive? Longer-lasting? More natural?

  2. Mrs Jil Manning profile image82
    Mrs Jil Manningposted 4 years ago

    My liquid blush was about the same price as my powder blushes but I much prefer the powder blush.  If you get one that has a number of colours and shades together so you can sweep the brush over the shades you want, it gives some different colour choices in one product.  I find powder much easier to apply than the liquid...it just seems to go where its meant to!  I do like the finish a liquid make up gives though, I like my liquid highlighter, it gives a very definite 'made-up' look.
    To sum up, powder is more natural, not necessarily less expensive or longer lasting, and I find the application easier.  I love a question about makeup!  I can feel a new hub coming on!

  3. NicoleMarie815 profile image61
    NicoleMarie815posted 4 years ago

    This is a more complicated question than was probably intended...Any makeup that is good for one person, may not be good for another.  So much depends on your skin type, your skin care and makeup routine, your brushes or tools, and frankly, your overall skill.
    That said, powder will give you a more matte finish (think Marilyn Monroe), unless it contains shimmer or glitter.  Liquid or cream blush is going to give you a more dewy finish (think Jennifer Lopez), and fewer of these contain shimmer or glitter.  Liquids or creams can tend to look more natural, just like you're beautifully flushed. 
    You can easily find good products at any price point, and there are some brands that are considerably more 'natural' than others (this is a very tricky connotation with cosmetics).  Both will last throughout the day, if you're using a good primer and other complexion products.  However, some liquid and cream blushes contain stains that will significantly extend their wear (and still come off easily at the end of the day).
    Here are some of my favorites (from sephora.com):
    Powder:  Nars - Deep Throat or Dolce Vita; Tarte - Blushing Bride, Tipsy (they have the same colors as gel blushes, also awesome); Kat Von D - Essex, Love Song
    Liquid/Cream:  Hourglass - Sunset duo (also comes with bronzer); Urban Decay - Quickie; Stila - Lillium, Peony

  4. renegadetory profile image99
    renegadetoryposted 4 years ago

    I will expand on what Nicole Marie answered, as a rule of thumb powder blush tends to be better suited for normal to oily skin and liquid blush tends to be better suited for dry to normal skin and mature skin as well.  Powder blush and powder in general tends to age you.  If you wish to have a more youthful appearance use less powder products because you want as much moisture as possible.