Does anyone have successful keratosis pilaris treatment info?

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    Ronna Penningtonposted 4 years ago

    Does anyone have successful keratosis pilaris treatment info?

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    Polushdposted 4 years ago

    The most dermatologist offer is a shot, an injection into the keloid, shooting a hormone into it, which is followed by a lot of pain, and discouragement. At least that was the impression I got, when a close friend confided in me he doctor gave her no hope. As a matter of fact he claimed nothing topical could help her situation. That night I went home, I decided to make a list of ingredients I would need, bought them, excitedly created a cleansing cream that didnt even require water, that would be beneficial to all skin types, and be so simple to use, everyone would want to use it. I know with regimes like proactive, the fact that there is more than 1 step, is too much for my schedule. So the next day I was so excited to run over my sample bottle, inspired by her, I poured it into an empty Tylenol bottle, grabbed her some cotton balls and went to her house across the parking lot. When I told her I had a cleanser I'd made, and felt would work she immediately shot down my efforts. Defensive, probably from doctors advice, she was as stubborn and rude as I ever seen her. Well I left it there, feeling a bit defeated, and like my friend had no faith in me, and I returned home. I believe it may have been one or two days later, I'd received a knock at the door. When I tried looking thru the peep hole, it was being covered, when I opened the door, initially I had no clue who it was, this girl was wearing a mini skirt and spaghetti straps, something my friend wouldn't think to wear, as she had these things at the tops of her shoulders. That's when she proceeded to tell me that the first night I gave it to her, it began to minimize the size of them, the surrounding acne and what looked like scarring, also began to clear. I was using the stuff on my own face as well, I had no breakouts, and loved how clean my skin felt. If anyone is suffering from such a condition, and you would like assistance, let me know. My services are not over priced, and I wouldn't even charge until the job was  proven to be improving, and offering you the help you needed. So with that being said, contact me and we can speak more about it.

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    soner67posted 4 years ago

    Everything about Acne treatment  :

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