Which one is better?

  1. CherylMoe profile image59
    CherylMoeposted 3 years ago

    Which one is better?

    The two dresses are both gorgeous,so I don't know which one to pick out. The first piece is made of Organza,it's mature?the second one is made of Tulle,it's romantic. They're both beautiful and I have no idea how to choose. Please help me.Thank you.

    The first piece >>> http://goo.gl/9cGcq4

    The second one>>>  http://goo.gl/197Jjo

  2. AaronBurton profile image61
    AaronBurtonposted 3 years ago

    The second one looks very nice. Reminds me of Disney princesses.

  3. danicole profile image79
    danicoleposted 3 years ago

    The second one looks nicer!!! What is this for? Is this for Halloween? Are you going to use it, more than once?