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Facial scrub for men

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    Patrick Watsonposted 7 years ago


    Just need your valuable opinion on men's facial scrubs.
    My skincare routine is this - shave with electric shaver, once finished hop in shower and use facial scrub , I then put on moisturizer- I do this every day, and notice that my skin feels great, however I was told that I should only be using a facial scrub once a week. The reason has been that over use will result in also 'scrubbing' away the good skin cells.
    What do you think?

    1. kimbles profile image46
      kimblesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Use facial scrub before the shave, it prepares the bristles

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      hadley34posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Patrick,
      I'm 30 and I have a dry skin. Men using skin whitening creams to lighten their complexion isn't anything new. They had been using fair & Lovely since ages. However, now there are brands which they can pick of the shelf without feeling embarrassed. I myself is presently using Emami Fair and Handsome Advanced Whitening Face Wash along with Emami Fair and Handsome Advanced Whitening Regenerating Face Scrub. Then I put Emami Fair and Handsome Advanced Fairness Day-Long Moisturiser. These products keep my skin soft and supple. The moisturiser gives a refreshing sensation. I think you can try these products.

    3. camlo profile image88
      camloposted 7 years ago

      Facial scrubs caused me to develop broken capillaries, which I had removed by laser. To prevent them returning, I now use a facial wash with fruit acid, or a peel off mask to get rid of dead cells.

      1. Brittney JonesLV profile image61
        Brittney JonesLVposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        camlo you should get your skin diagnosed , there is a condition , that causes broken capalaries. look on my new hub if you would like to know more on these disorders

    4. Brittney JonesLV profile image61
      Brittney JonesLVposted 6 years ago

      The type of scrub you should use , varies from skin types. I am a licensed esthetician and can say that through experience of working on men, the best for them is usually a gel scrub /followed by a clay mask. Clay has dry and sticky properties. Glycolic acid and salycilic acid can some times be to strong for your face, as you have a beard/mustache. The broken cvapalaries are a sure sign of product miss use. Make sure before you use any product on your face that you do a test patch to see how it works. Meaning do a section of your face/ maybe your chin/forehead/ or your cheek and then test the difference in the different parts of your skin.

    5. guy1973 profile image60
      guy1973posted 6 years ago

      if you have normal skin a facial scrub is alright to use, depending on skin type,and for instant if you have damaged, using a facial scrub is not advisable.