How to treat dry legs?

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  1. ripplemaker profile image83
    ripplemakerposted 9 years ago

    How to treat dry legs?

  2. Jessi10 profile image68
    Jessi10posted 9 years ago

    Im a representative for a company called Melaleuca, and I started buying a skin moisturizer from the store called: Renew.. IT IS A SKIN SAVER! I suffer from extremely dry skin. Sometimes, it hurts. So, this lotion is a life saver! They also offer this mealeleuca Oil, also for the skin.. Its GREAT!

  3. Smart is Good profile image59
    Smart is Goodposted 9 years ago

    First exfoliate.
    Mix a cup of sugar with moisturiser until you get a consistent paste. Rub it in your legs and then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this two times a week
    Then apply a thick moisturiser two times a day, after showering in the morning and before going to bed.
    Increase you water intake

  4. BeccaWood profile image75
    BeccaWoodposted 9 years ago

    Well, my legs have always had dry skin and I cannot stand lotion. Well I found out that shaving dried my legs out even more. So a little trick I like to use is to shave with baby oil. I don't know why it hasn't become so common, yet.

  5. ishwaryaa22 profile image74
    ishwaryaa22posted 9 years ago

    Aloe vera is a good treatment for dry legs. Aloe vera got multiple good benefits for  body-skin as it helps in curing any skin-related problem. I have dry legs and I apply aloe vera daily. Aloe vera soothes the legs-skin and eliminates dryness over a short period of time. Another useful solutions for the treatment of dry legs included (1) good-quality moisturiser or cold-cream - if applied on legs twice a day regularly will help a lot (my cousin-sister followed this remedy and it succeeded)  and (2) coconut oil - it may be greasy which would be uncomfortable but it work wonders on even on most driest legs - my aunt got extremely dry legs for years that often lead to itching and one day, she was advised to apply coconut oil on her legs and she did it everyday and thus dryness and itching disappeared totally from her legs!

  6. teaches12345 profile image89
    teaches12345posted 9 years ago

    I just read that coconut oil helps. You just rub a bit on your legs or heels.  Let sit for ten minutes and then wipe off.

  7. TheSkinCareLady profile image60
    TheSkinCareLadyposted 9 years ago

    I would recommend the following for your dry legs....
    Softly enhance your beauty naturally. Rapidly absorbed, this exceptional all-in-one golden beauty treatment helps repair and nourish with a cocktail of precious oils as it protects with vitamin E. In one single gesture, skin feels soft and satin-smooth while hair is left silky, glossy and gorgeous! Spray Amour D'Ore liberally on arms, legs and the tops of your feet to refresh your skin's moisture level. Ideal for use before and after sunbathing or cleansing, keep a bottle of this handy mega-vitamin in your shower to quickly seal in moisture and prevent the unwanted cold lotion rubdown. Turn the water off and reach for Amour D'Ore, drench yourself in a silky mist, then lightly pat yourself dry. A quick dose all around will bathe you in a lustrous, yet completely dry, soft shine. In a matter of moments, you are ready to dress with no oily mess. Additionally, spray bare legs to dress them up before going out, and for normal to dry skin types, you may spray your face before applying your daily moisturizer. Sprayed lightly on hair to shield and protect from the harsh conditions of the outdoors, a light sunscreen protects and helps prolong your natural or salon-inspired hair color. Used all year round, and formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, this product is as vital in winter as in summer.
    Love Yourself. … yName=Body

  8. wiserworld profile image90
    wiserworldposted 9 years ago

    Fill your bathtub entirely with Vaseline and sit in it all weekend!

  9. profile image0
    Deborah Sextonposted 9 years ago

    Takes baths without putting oil in the water. Oil will block absorption of water,
    Wait until you are dried off, than moisturize.

    It's a good idea to use a pumice stone while in the water (about $2.00) this will exfoliate the dry skin and uncover the healthier skin .


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