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    babybuff205posted 9 years ago

    I have started out on this new adventure on the net as i found in my town there's no maternity shops in our town , and desided to help out other mums who need maternity clothing in essex. In our town colchester in essex there is only 2 shops that do maternity wear dopthy perkins and the co-op none of these shops had very much to offer. I was more reliant on the internet when i was pregnant with my son . So while i was on my maternity leave after 11 weeks before the baby is due, I reserched the web for wholesale maternity wear but there wasn't much out there. I looked every where and only found fun mum . I found other sources and had written them down in my scrap book and put it away in a safe place. when my son arrived i was so busy looking after him i fogot my scrap book until we packed up to move in febuary 06 , where i re-descovered it whilst unpacking our items in our new home. I still had some money left over from the saving i had and brought all new fun mum items to sell . I followed up all the leads and found a perfect site that sells maternity swimwear , and relations from that website are great . She provides top quality swiwear at a good price , so i can pass the saving to our customers. for those Mum's-To-be who want good clothing <snipped promotional link>