What is the Number One Misconception in the Multi-Cultural Community R

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    anthonyclarke1posted 5 years ago

    Here is what I believe is the biggest misconception regarding skin care among members of the multi-cultural community -nIn the multi-cultural community, majority of people are convinced of their sun immunity. And that is what costs them, not just a beautiful healthy skin, but their life as well.While there is no single perfect skin care formula for all, having healthy, radiant skin boils down to practicing sun protection, regardless of complexion. For those with melanin, Rich Complexions, this is something they think they don’t need. Melanin, produced by cells called Melanocytes is a crucial factor to the health and beauty of complexion. The advantages of having extra melanin are popularly prided as having an innate sunscreen which results in a decreased risk for skin cancer. This skin type is more resistant to aging. Paradoxically, the cellular nature of melanocytes is “active” and “reactive”. These cells can be triggered to produce excessive melanin whenever the skin is irritated or aggravated. That significantly increases the risk of Rich Complexions to sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. A tiny scratch from shaving or a trivial pimple could result in a horrifying scar.
    Even more problematic is the time it takes for sensitive Rich Complexion to heal the discoloration as a result of Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Thus, there are two common factors that trigger excessive melanin production: irritants which are usually found in many skin care formulas and the UV rays from the sun.Even more frightening is that Rich Complexions are prone to delayed prognosis of skin cancer.  For example, Bob Marley died in vain of Melanoma, because of a misconception of sun immunity.
    I have discussed this further in our blog. For anyone who is interested and also you can add to this discussion so we can clear the common misconceptions.