The significance of beauty pageants

  1. silverstararrow profile image83
    silverstararrowposted 5 years ago

    Even before reality shows became an everyday reality, we've had numerous beauty pageants doing rounds all over the globe. Contests for women, men, children, babies, pets etc.

    How do beauty pageants help in a country's progress? What is the point of conducting these competitions on an international level? Of course, there is exposure of talent, confidence and the like, but what else?

    Your thoughts...

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      jeanihessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Scary one this hey! Fraught with pitfalls,gender, politics, race...
      Body beautiful and for a long time a westernized view of beauty and this is still pervasive.
      Here in South Africa hair is a big thing- wigs, pieces, weaves and mostly the girls want swinging tresses straighter than the hair of a horses tail!
      Ina number of other places the girls all want to be fair and the shops are full of creams and lotions for the purpose- and they want to sound American!
      If the contests celebrated diversity and reduced the desperation to look like another nationality I might have a much higher regard for the girls that compete.
      Pets? It is about class and business hey; breeders and so on...
      Men? OK, so some men are more beautiful than women these days, and more feminine too. If it stops gay-bashing and /or make men more sensitive to women's issues - one can hope hey!
      The idea of baby contests were to promote healthy babies and baby care-  clinics often ran these at church bazaars:)
      Children? Never really got these hey! I worked in ECD for a while- could never understand why some mothers dropped off their little girls looking like miniature adults. They would even pose and strut like little sex queens too.  I would watch them closely for signs of sexual abuse!
      Some girls make a lot of money from contests.
      Some pet owners make a lot of money too..
      Men-  they can do as they please hey but there ia point at which they are pretty to look at but no longer have male sex appeal for me.
      I am not sure that I am expressing myself all that well but I have not been able to work out the national and international advantages for a country in these contests:)