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French Pedicure - 10 Steps To Pretty Feet

Updated on February 6, 2015
French pedicures make your feet look young and super clean
French pedicures make your feet look young and super clean | Source

French Pedicure Toe Nails for Summer Feet

With a French pedicure you are only ten tiny steps away from natural, nude, clean and young looking feet! Beautiful summer feet can be yours in only a few minutes. Give your feet a French nail polish pedicure and have the prettiest feet and cleanest looking toes for your summer vacations this year.

If your toe nails are not as lovely as they used to be, then this is a super cheat that covers up a multitude of sins and leaves you with shell-pink toes and young looking feet.

No need for expensive salons. A French manicure is so easy to do yourself at home, although you do need a bit of a steady hand. As they say, practice makes perfect!

What are you waiting for? It's time invest in a French manicure kit right now and get to work on those tired feet so that they'll be in the pink for the beach this summer.

What the Heck is a Pedicure?

A manicure for the feet!

French Polish Nails
French Polish Nails | Source

What is a French Pedicure?

A natural looking polish for nude feet

Parisian women are so chic and that is just what this classic look is going to do for you. A French pedicure or French manicure is a way of painting your nails with nail varnish so that they look young, nude and natural.

The tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nail is painted a clear, soft natural colour, usually pink. this makes your toe nails look healthy, young and clean. You can have younger looking feet.

A French Nail Manicure Kit Needn't Cost an Arm and a Leg - DIY French nail polish is a bargain

You can easily buy a cheap French manicure kit online. This is a typical pack with a pink varnish for the nails and a white varnish for the tips. There are guides included in the pack.

Sally Hansen Pen Kit - Sheer Blush - 1 oz
Sally Hansen Pen Kit - Sheer Blush - 1 oz

This is a nice, natural pink varnish and such good value.

Toe Nails before French Pedicure
Toe Nails before French Pedicure | Source

Before the French Polish Pedicure

Tired looking feet

These feet are unloved. The nails have ragged tips, the colour has yellowed and some nails show thickening. The woman in this picture is 60 and her age shows in her feet.

A French nail manicure or pedicure will give your nails a fresh pink colour and cover up, or diguise, discolouration and any irregularities in the surface. It will also disguise thickened nails.

How to French Pedicure - Ten Steps towards pretty feet

Clean feet, nice french polish, ready to go this summer. You can have caressable feet.

  1. Wash and dry your feet
  2. Clean under and around the nails
  3. Cut your toe nails horizontally
  4. File your nails smooth and buff the surface
  5. Apply a base coat (optional)
  6. Separate the toes with cotton wool or toe separaters
  7. Apply the nude colour polish to the whole toenail
  8. Apply the guides
  9. Paint on the white tips
  10. Apply a protective coat of nail varnish

Tidy Up Those Toes

Treat your feet to a pedicure for younger looking feet

First you need to give those feet a really good soak in warm water. Remove any dry and hard skin, gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher, (the cuticle is the skin around the base of the nail), and clean around the nail and under the tip of the nail with an orange stick.

Trim nails horizontally, taking care not to cut off the corners as this can lead to ingrowing toe nails.

Gently file the edge of the nail to ensure that it's smooth, then buff the surface of the nail with a buffer.

For more detailed instructions see the site below: All About Shoes and Feet

Nail Polish Remover - Get rid of any old nail polish on your toes

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, Strengthening, 8 oz Buy from

Treat yourself to a polish remover that is kind to your toe nails. This salon formula nail polish remvoer has gelatin to strengthen nails, it also helps to soften cuticles. You deserve all you can get to make those nails, strong, healthy and resilient.

TIP: If you have yellow nails, corns or other foot problems, see your doctor or podiatrist

I'm going to Treat Myself to a Callus Remover - Handy little machines to save time and effort

Lets face it girls, who has the time or inclination to remove dry skin by hand? Some of us with hard, dry skin or callus on our feet have a real problem but despite many resolutions to treat my feet daily - I just don't do it;

So .... this little number is going to be my birthday treat request. How about You?

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover
Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover

This machine has 4 and a half stars on Amazon.


Apply the Nail Varnish Base Coats

Start with a ridge filler

First of all prop your toes apart with cotton wool or toe separators as this will make the job of painting the nails infinitely easier.

If you have ridges in your nails you might like to start with a layer of ridge filler to give the nails a more even looking surface.

Let this coat dry thoroughly and then apply a base coat, although this is optional and I just went straight for the pink varnish!

Carefully remove any varnish around the nail with cotton bud dipped in polish remover, (see below).

Nail Ridge Filler and Base Coat Nail Varnish - Always build on a good foundation

Get yourself good french pedicure base coats for toes to ensure that your toe nails are smooth and fresh-looking. A good base coat will also extend the life of you natural pedicure.

My French Manicure Kit - For natural looking pedicures

French manicure kit
French manicure kit | Source

This French manicure kit, (or in this case French pedicure kit), included a coloured varnish and a white varnish. It also included nail guides and allows you to give yourself natural looking pedicures. Oh la la - those French toes are going places!

french-pedicure-guides | Source

Apply the French Polish

I had to make my own guides to get those French toenails!

Next apply the coloured varnish to the whole toe nail and allow it to dry thoroughly. Carefully remove any varnish around the nail with cotton bud dipped in polish remover, (see below).

Then put on the toe nail guides. Now the guides in my pack were clearly for finger nails and were all too rounded. Some articles call the edge of the pink part of the nail where it becomes white at the tip the 'smile line'. Well, mine don't exactly smile so I made my own guides from sticky labels and they worked just fine!

Then apply the white nail varnish to the tips of the nails. It is these white tips that create those special French pedicure toes.

Leave it to dry and then remove the guides. Again, take the time to remove any varnish around the nail with cotton bud dipped in polish remover, (see below).

This can be done free hand but I think you'd need a very steady hand and a good eye to do this yourself. You would probably need a French polish 'pen' to do this successfully too.

I Used Sticky Labels as Guides


I had sticky labels that I mainly use to label my jam as guides. I cut them up into thin slivers and they worked just darling!

Top Coat and Tidy Up

Protect your French pedicure

A top coat of protective varnish will protect your pedicure and prolong it's life.

Once you've applied your top coat, carefully remove any varnish around the nail with cotton bud dipped in polish remover.

How Long Will My French Pedicure Last?

If you use these products - weeks!

The pedicure that I carried out for these photographs has lasted weeks. It has lasted so long that I've forgotten when I did it. Take care with the preparation and final coats and you'll be able to hand onto those beautiful toes for quite a long time.

I'm pleased that the result and longevity of the treatment has made that little initial investment of a bit of cash and an hour or som worthwhile. My French pedicure lasted so long that eventually I had to cut my toenails. Hey ho - can't wait to paint again!

What is a Reverse French Pedicure?

You put the white where the colour goes ...

... and vice versa! Carry out all the instructions but paint the main part of the toe nail white and top with a coloured strip for a funky, fun look.

Help! My Toe Nails Have Gone Yellow

Adverse effects of polish

If your nails were nice and pink before your French pedicure, then don't panic! Prolonged use of nail polish prevents the nail breathing and makes it discolour.

Buffing your nails helps. Leave your toe nails without polish to, literally, give your nails a breather.

French pedicures are great for Brides

How To Give Yourself a Home Pedicure - Including French Polish

In this video the white tip is applied free hand and the edge tidied up afterwards. Try both techniques and see what suits you best. Hope this very sexy pic of feet and nails after their lovely French pedicure inspires you!

How to French Pedicure Your Feet at Home

First Hand Experience of French Polish for Your Feet?

Have You Ever Had a French Pedicure?

See results

French Pedicure Lyrics by Avant

French Pedicure: lyrics by Avant

(Can you believe it?)

Where in the World Are We? - In Limousin, a hidden corner of South West France


get directions

© 2012 Barbara Walton

You Are Now Ready for Beautiful Feet - Any questions?

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      I never knew they had these for toes.

    • LauraHofman profile image

      Laura Hofman 

      6 years ago from Naperville, IL

      After a long winter I'm so ready for a French pedicure! Nice lens!

    • beaworkathomemom profile image


      6 years ago

      nice lens! I really love what you have posted here :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You are making me want to pamper my feet a little bit. I usually just wash and clip, and don't think too much about pretty.

    • NuttSoRuff profile image


      6 years ago

      I love your idea about making your own guides. Very good lens!

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 

      6 years ago from Portland, OR

      Awesome lens with quality pedicure tips and products. Thanks!

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @anonymous: There are just so many interesting things to know about, Tipi! Bet you see people with French pedicure everywhere from now on. (Love your flattering comments about my own poor feet - but they were vastly improved, especially from a distance, after the French polish.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is an introduction to a French pedicure for me too....just caught Steve's comment and laughed. I love that you used your own very nice looking feet as an example and that you mention that your French pedicure lasted so long that you had forgotten when you actually did it, now that's a testimony to catch the attention. Very nicely presented and your 10 happy and beautiful toes!

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @samojonno: samojonno, I think I'd be very squeamish about the fish pedicure - but perhaps it beats the blade?

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @SteveKaye: It's good to know these things Steve. Thanks for dropping by.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @miaponzo: Thanks so much for your blessing miaponzo. We ordinary mortals are not used to mega-grooming but it feels nice to look nice - occasionally at least.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @anonymous: Hi SereneSea and thanks for your message. I'm afraid I wouldn't want to splash the cash or trash the time on beauty parlours so this DIY way to pretty feet is definitely for me.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wish I could have my pedicure more often

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @PrettyandSmart: It does all take time, I must admit, and women often put themselves last. It does feel so good, though, to transform those old, tired feet into in-the-pink young tootsies. I'm sure that you, PrettyandSmart, can make time for a little pampering. Thanks for dropping by.

    • samojonno profile image


      6 years ago

      I'd not heard of this, however I have tried another 'F' style pedicure by way of Fish Pedicure on holiday, now that was weird!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Now I know how this is done. Amazing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yeah... You've reminded me I need a pedicure! Blessed!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This looks so affordable and simple, no need to go to a beauty parlour to get the pedicure and manicure done when you can do it at home.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @poutine: I was so pleased! Many thanks for your congratulations, Poutine.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @OliviaDaughter LM: Quite fun to do as well, OliviaDaughter.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Congrats for your Purple Star.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Lens! I love this! Be sure to check out my lens. Thank you!

    • OliviaDaughter LM profile image

      OliviaDaughter LM 

      7 years ago

      Really helpful lens. I love well manicured toes.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @angeldrops: I love these clean toes too!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A lovely lens and I have to say, I do like a good french pedicure. *blessed*

    • angeldrops profile image

      Charlotte Green 

      7 years ago

      I love the natural clean look you get with this pedicure, Great lens.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @aquarian_insight: Good for a little moral boost, I must say. Thanks for blessing.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @Auntie-M LM: Thanks you so much for your blessing Autnie-M. So pleased you enjoyed it.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      7 years ago from France

      @LisaDH: I don't normally do 'beauty' but this really intrigued me and the results are 'pretty' good. Thanks for stopping by lisadh

    • profile image

      Auntie-M LM 

      7 years ago

      What a delightful diy lens! Blessed.

    • LisaDH profile image


      7 years ago

      I've never had a pedicure, but my sister loves them!


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