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Titanic Heart Shaped CZ Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

Updated on February 1, 2017

Titanic Heart Necklace

It was my sister's 60th birthday, and I wanted to give her something very special. When I began shopping I had no idea what she might like. However, since she is a September baby, I knew I wanted something with sapphires.

Then I came across a replica necklace that was fashioned after the famous Titanic pendant. The beautiful diamonds that surrounded it made it the perfect gift for this occasion.

My sister had made a request that she wanted a "real" birthday party, because she hadn't had one since she was sixteen. So I nicely wrapped the gift and sent it on its way.

Hoping to surprise her, I mailed it early. A few days later I thought about what I had done in mailing the package directly to her. I should have addressed it to someone else in the house instead. So I e-mailed my nephew and brother-in-law to be sure and intercept it from the mailbox. This way she would have a gift from me at her party the following week.

I was too late in messaging them; she got the package before they did. My "surprise" gift came before the party, but I am pleased to say that she absolutely loved the necklace.

What I like about the Titanic style jewelry is that you can mix and match it with so many other pieces. This particular necklace is not that heavy, but it is just as beautiful as others compared to its design. It has Cubic zirconia diamonds along the entire chain, plus surrounding the beautiful blue 28.5 carat simulated sapphire. There is also a petite version of this necklace for those who don't want one this large.

If you are looking for any of the Titanic "Heart of the Ocean" jewelry to give as gifts, you must order at least six weeks in advance to be sure that you get your piece in time.

Sapphires are also the gift choice for September birthdays, 5th and 45th anniversaries.

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September Birthday but Absolutely for Every Girl

Titanic the Movie

Kate Winslet wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace from a scene in the film where she played the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater. Although some have fantasized about this stone being the real Hope Diamond, it was not actually on the Titanic and it may not have been blue sapphire at all. What do you think about that?

Photo source by

The Heart Of Ocean Diamond Necklace in Titanic 3D Movie Clip

Rising Star

Hollywood must have sensed that Kat Winslet was a face the public would want to watch, because she has earned her way into the award platform.

Among her credits are nominations for Best Picture in Sense and Sensibility a 1995 film, Titanic 1997, Finding Neverland 2004 and The Reader in 2008.

For the most part I would venture to guess that her leading roll in Titanic is the one that won her into the "hearts" of people. That will go on and on ...

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Did You Know?

Little Miss Kate was the youngest actress to receive two Academy Award Nominations at the time of the movie premier. She now holds the record of four in the category of youngest actress nominations.

Another fascinating fact is that people have voted her among the top one hundred most beautiful faces for a record number of seventeen years.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace Photographs

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace Replica

Lovely replica of the original Titanic piece that has made it's way into the hearts of millions. Beautiful gift for wedding, anniversary, birthday or any time. It is one that will live on for generations.

Take a look at how elegant this necklace is in the first photograph. Any woman would be proud to wear it, and have it as part of her jewelry collection.

The second photograph shows it's packaging and card.

Photograph Source by Amazon

Jewelry Specifications

Gem Type
Cubic Zircopnia
Minimum gem weight
29.88 carats
Stone Creation Method
0.68 inches
Look for more detail by clicking on the product.
Titanic Necklace - Blue Ocean Heart Necklace
Titanic Necklace - Blue Ocean Heart Necklace

Large sapphire stone surrounded with gems.


September Gemstone the Sapphire

Titanic Style Pieces ~ A Symbol of Love

September’s gemstone is the sapphire, which in Latin means blue. For centuries it has been given as a symbol of peace or wishes of good health making it a perfect gift for the those we love.

Celine Dion Wearing the Necklace - My Heart Will Go On (Live At The Oscars Academy 1998)

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      Fay Favored 3 years ago from USA

      @tazzytamar: I really like this one but any sapphire pretty much has me hooked.

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      What a gorgeous necklace.

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      I adore sapphires and these necklaces are absolutely beautiful :)

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      This stone is so beautiful. Love this lens!