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His and Hers Jewelry: Gifts for a Long-Distance Love

Updated on January 24, 2015

His and Hers Jewelry is a Promise of Faithfulness and Message of Love

He's overseas, you're keeping the home fires burning. She's away at college, you're tied to a job in another city... Emotionally close, but parted by distance - so many deeply committed relationships with so many miles in between!

His and hers matching jewelry - necklaces, bracelets for men and women, even promise rings if you're at that pre-engagement stage where marriage is just a glow on your horizon - tell the world and each other that you're two-in-one, partners, a couple in love.

Here you'll find his-and-hers pendant necklace sets to suit any style, simple engraved bracelets that are designed for both men and women, and matching rings to pledge your faithfulness to each other.

Featured here: Eternal Love stainless steel pendant set for a couple, with three interlocking rings of different colors on 18-inch and 20-inch ball chains. The words "eternal love" are inscribed on one of the triple rings in each necklace of the pair.

His & Hers Jewelry

Beautiful Symbols of Love's Promise and Commitment - His and Hers Jewelry to Treasure with Your Memories

Among the most beautiful of the couples jewelry I've ever seen, this elegant necklace set was a favorite from the moment I set eyes on it. Rose quartz (for her) and dark blue goldstone (for him) are overlaid with abstract figures of 925 Sterling Silver that represent the feminine phoenix and the masculine dragon.

Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Necklace Set
Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Necklace Set | Source

Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Necklace Set

in Rose Quartz or Midnight Blue Goldstone with Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver

Rose quartz is a natural stone with a soft light blush-pink color, very feminine. The simple bar pendant would be lovely enough on its own, for the beauty of the stone, but even more so as embellished here with a curving shape of silver that represents the long graceful tail of the legendary phoenix, the bird that rises from its own ashes. A symbol of renewal in many cultures, the phoenix is also a traditional Chinese symbol of the five virtues of woman. The piece is given a little extra sparkle with a line of tiny cubic zirconia crystals set into the silver.

You may be more familiar with goldstone (also known as monk's gold, or Aventurine glass) in a deep rich brown color with sparks of copper ("stellaria") all through it. In this pendant for the man, the material is a deep dark masculine blue, a color that's created when cobalt is added to the silica and metal oxides used to form this fascinating and historic material. Yes, goldstone may sometimes be mistaken for a natural stone but it is actually a kind of glass manufactured in a special low-oxygen process that was discovered and perfected by the renowned glassmakers of Murano, Italy, back in the early 1600s. The sterling silver overlay on the blue goldstone pendant is an abstract form representing the head of the dragon, the powerful protector.

Christian His & Hers Bracelets - Religious Eternity / Promise Bracelets for Him and Her

Bible Cross Religious Texts on Couple's Classic Black Bracelets
Bible Cross Religious Texts on Couple's Classic Black Bracelets | Source

Beautiful matte black finish! These sleek high-quality stainless steel bracelets for a man and a woman are inscribed with a cross and the words of the Padre Nuestro, the Lord's Prayer in Spanish.

Matching Bracelets - for Men and Women

Slim matching cuffs in striking but simple designs in metals of various colors are suitable for both men and women. If she is petite with small wrists, choose a narrow bracelet. If there is a great difference in his and her sizes, the slimmer cuff will be just fine on him, side by side with a simple knotted leather thong if he prefers a piece of jewelry with a bit more heft and volume, but a wider one could be overwhelming on a dainty female wrist, so it's better to choose a style that's scaled to the woman. In most bracelet sets for couples, the one for the male is generally made a bit wider and heavier in any case, as you will see here.

Couples Love - Promise Necklace Sets for Him and Her - His and Hers Jewelry for a Special Gift - You'll Wear It Always!

If there is one constant across all cultures and traditions, it's the recognition of love as a power for good, for rebirth and renewal, for hope and healing. When you come together as a couple, it is a celebration of all that is good in the world as well as a personal joy, so you may want to choose a set of his-and-hers jewelry that represents your love in the symbols that best represent your philosophy or faith.

Celtic Knots Rings for a Couple - Never-Ending Design to Symbolize True Love

Nothing says "pledge of loving commitment" than a set of matching rings, which is of course why we wear wedding bands. But you don't need to be married in law to feel the same deep and lasting connection and to want to exchange rings with your mate as a symbol of your relationship's strength.

Personalized His & Her's 8MM/6MM Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring Set Free Laser Engraved
Personalized His & Her's 8MM/6MM Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring Set Free Laser Engraved

Comfortable and eye-catching, these matching tungsten rings are laser-etched with a timeless celtic knot design.


Unique Inlay Couples Ring Set - Shining Abalone Shell Band in a Polished Tungsten Ring

Something special with a hint of a beach theme for the loving couple, these solid tungsten carbide rings are polished to a dazzling shine to set off the subtle colors of abalone shell inlaid all around in a full circle.

Matching 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings with Abalone Shell Inlay (See listing for sizes)
Matching 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings with Abalone Shell Inlay (See listing for sizes)

Shining stainless steel rings are hypo-allergenic, hand-crafted and hand-enameled with words of love "Always Know I Adore You" on the inner side. Packaged in a black velvet gift pouch.


Is there any special His and Hers Jewelry you and your partner share?

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