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5 Steps in Successfully Buying the Best Pearls for Her

Updated on April 3, 2017

This would steal the heart of any woman!

It doesn't get more special than this piece of artwork fashioning a beautiful pearl!
It doesn't get more special than this piece of artwork fashioning a beautiful pearl!


So you have decided to purchase the timeless gorgeous gift of pearls. This is a very momentous gift as many girls or women receive them after or before certain events. This are sometimes considered to milestones in their lives, so receiving the gift of pearls can be a gift she is sure to keep for the rest of her life.

While helping you find the most reputable and safe pearl jeweler to buy from, this article aims to help you understand the basics of an education in pearls while also helping you understand your tastes. After all pearls are a broad category as there are many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Try to sit back and enjoy the process of learning about the beautiful jewelry wonder, while at the same time learning your preferences and those of the person who will receive this fantastic piece of jewelry.

Wow! A stunning and creative way to show off your pearls!

Enjoy this piece at Timeless Pearl today!
Enjoy this piece at Timeless Pearl today!

Step One: Understand Pearls

The first step in buying the right pearl is to learn enough about pearls or to at least advance your knowledge so that you can make an informed decision when you purchase your pearls. This may include:

  • Chemical solution
  • Polarizer observation

Understanding what makes a pearl real.

Pearl Testing Methods

  • Observe
  • Shape
  • Touch
  • Sound
  • Magnifier observation
  • Knife
  • Fire
  • Bounce

Note: Please read the article to find out the specific details of each testing method.

Finding out what jewelry pearls are often in such as:

  • Necklaces
  • Pennants
  • Bracelets
  • Broaches
  • Pins
  • Rings
  • Earrings

Gorgeous display of how to wear pearls with style

Wow! Who wouldn't give to be this lucky and beautiful?
Wow! Who wouldn't give to be this lucky and beautiful? | Source

Learning the various colors of pearls:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Multi-color

Do you think your understanding of Pearls has increased?

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These earrings and necklace are sure to blow her mind!

So lovely that she will want to wear it not only for special occasions, but also just to make shuffling around the house fun!
So lovely that she will want to wear it not only for special occasions, but also just to make shuffling around the house fun!

Step Two: Explore Which Pearls You Like

Now that you understand pearls better, you can begin the journey of deciding which pearls you prefer. So, ask yourself some questions now that you know more about the different kinds of pearls such as:

  • Do you feel differently when you look at specific types of pearls?
  • Do you understand the difference between cultured and natural pearls?
  • What colors do you prefer?
  • Do you think you could recognize real pearls if you saw them for the first time?
  • What characteristics matter the most to you?
  • What are your buying needs when it comes to pearls?
  • Do you have any concerns when it comes to your future of pearls?
  • What are you most excited about in terms of your purchase of pearls?

Brainstorming like this will often help clarify any concerns you have and help you have a smooth purchasing experience! The next topic will also help with this and will help you enjoy your shopping experience.

Step Three: Determine Which Pearls Meets Your Needs

Congratulations! You have now learned not only increased your knowledge of pearls, but you have also become wise enough on the subject that you know what pearls you prefer, which for many people can take a long time! After all, decision making is what guides through each and every day, and for many people indecisiveness is a condition they struggle with continuously!

This beauty is the perfect gift for any lady!

This is so precious; she will value it forever!
This is so precious; she will value it forever!

Step one was important as it introduced you into the basics of the world of pearls. Step two was crucial, because you learned what you liked after understanding the choices you had in pearls.

Armed with this new knowledge and a better understanding of your tastes in pearls, you are ready to advance to step three. Step three is the beautiful journey of discovering which pearls will meet your needs.

You are now able to pick out the best pearls for you since you have discovered your favorites. The best pearl for you will not only meet your deepest desires, but it will also meet any jewelry needs you have. So, now is the time to dive into WHY you are shopping for pearls. Who are they going to be for?

Many people are shopping for someone else, usually as a gift. See the gift chart below for more information on gift giving. Purchasing gifts for others can often be overwhelming; after all, most people buy what they need or want for themselves.

Special Holidays or Events to Give Pearls
Sweet 16
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Child's Birth or Adoption
Just Because...

If you do not know the gift recipient very well, it can be very difficult as you may just be guessing. In trying to understand what a person wants in their pearl(s), here are a few things that may help you out:

  • What does the person do for a living?
  • How often would you guess that they would wear it?
  • How much would you approximate they weigh?
  • Do they have their ears pierced?
  • How old are they?
  • For what occasion are you buying the pearls?
  • Do you think they would feel awkward receiving such a nice gift?

The gorgeous colors in this set gives you a variety  of pearl rings to choose from!
The gorgeous colors in this set gives you a variety of pearl rings to choose from!

Step Four: Understanding the Most Important Characteristics in a Pearl Jeweler

  • importance pearls are to the company
  • passion for customer satisfaction
  • best pearl farming
  • handcrafted pearls
  • affordable
  • environmentally sustainable
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • High quality of products
  • Real pearls
  • Long term relationships with pearl farmers and jewelry making
  • Stays current with the pearl marketing business

Do you now have a better understanding of what kind of pearl you are going to buy?

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Step Five: Buying from a Reputable Pearl Jeweler

Upon understanding what is important in a pearl jeweler, you must decide what is best for you. There are characteristics that one jeweler may have that another lacks. Figure out what is most important and what is least important, and you will know easily which jeweler to buy from.

Personally, I found that Timeless Pearl met all of the characteristics in step four. Also, they have a long-standing reputation and were built from a strong and moving story. Check out the video at the end of this step to hear all about their foundation.

This company stands out with its commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, they offer 100% product satisfaction, because making sure customers love their pearls is so important to them.

To ensure that all products meet their standards, they've cultivated long-term partnerships with some of the best pearl farms in the world.

Because of these close relationships, the company is able to handcraft pearl jewelry. Whether it is jewelry design or pearl jewelry making, They are very confident in all of their products, because they supervise the jewelry quality before it is sent to you!

Timeless Pearls on Display


Are you feeling more excited about buying pearls? I know I have learned so much in reading up on this subject. Now you are not only better educated so that you can make a purchase that you are pleased with, but you have gone through a journey which has helped you find the perfect pearl jewelry piece for you (or for whomever you are buying it for).

With Valentine's Day and Mother's Day coming right around the corner, what better time to go through this article, ask yourself some of the analytical questions to better understand what you want to buy, and to check out a reputable websites to begin the search for the best piece of jewelry.


Please note that all of the pearl pictures in this article were provided to me with the owners permission.

Also, please note that this article was written by Michele Kelsey on Hubpages; so feel free to use the article as you need to, but the copyright has originated on this website.

Thank you for reading and enjoying my article! Feel free to leave constructive criticism below in the comments!


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