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How I Learned to Love my Breasts

Updated on April 17, 2014

The relationship between a woman and her breasts is unique and changes over time. Follow the journey of one woman from before puberty, and through motherhood, to see how she learns to love her breasts.

The beauty of the breasts is often refelcted in fine art such as in "Birth of Venus" By Botticelli
The beauty of the breasts is often refelcted in fine art such as in "Birth of Venus" By Botticelli

I enjoyed my childhood thoroughly. Some of my best memories were of times spent riding my bicycle on the boardwalk with my friends beside a nearby bay. While my home life had it's share of problems with being raised by a depressed single Mom, my time spent out of the house was joyful. When I was In sixth grade, around the time I was 11 years old, my best friend starting developing breasts. I can remember hearing whispers in the school classroom when her blossoming breasts started visibly poking from under her Izod Lacost shirt. I was glad that it wasn't me though, because I was happy with my body just the way it was.

It wasn’t until much later that my own breasts started developing, and frankly, I didn’t know what to make of them. I was about 13 years old at the time and when they stopped growing I was a good size 36D. Suddenly the running and playing of my childhood came to an end. Large breasts don’t allow for easy freedom of movement. I suffered having to listen to negative comments made by thoughtless family members about my more womanly body. It was a sad time; I lost my childhood and felt depressed over the new me. I began dressing as modestly as possible in order to play down the appearance of my breasts and avoid the shame they brought me.

After college, I met my husband, who despite my attempts to cover up, found my body and breasts beautiful. This was a thrilling experience to find that someone could love all of me. This was really the first time I was able to enjoy my body and begin to travel along the path of learning to love my curves.

When I became pregnant, a new chapter in the life of my breasts began. Pregnancy meant a lot of size change and bra shopping but at the end of that road came the new and glorious experience of breastfeeding. The endorphins that are released in the Mother’s body during breastfeeding create a feeling of peace. There is no better feeling for a Mother than to know that she has provided her child with the best nutritional start in the most nurturing way. With it's amazing properties, breast milk is considered "liquid gold." Breastfeeding is also natures way of insuring a bond between a mother and her child.

Each of my pregnancies and breastfeeding experiences had the effect of heightening my breast sensitivity. This in turn had the effect of heightening my sexual pleasure, this was something that I had not anticipated. My breasts had matured and, like wine, improved with age. In the current chapter of my life I love my breasts, they bring me profound sexual pleasure. I no longer feel the shame that I once felt but instead have gained the confidence to wear tight fitting and cleavage revealing clothes. I only wish I had known at a younger age how much I would come to love my breasts. (more about women and sex after kids)

© 2011 Leah Limor


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