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iWallet Mens Card Wallet

Updated on February 18, 2010

iWallet - Card Wallet

iWallet - Hi-Tech Credit Card and Cash Wallet
iWallet - Hi-Tech Credit Card and Cash Wallet

What is iWallet?

iWallet is the high tech cash and credit card wallet that encompass quite a lot of innovative features and facility that make it highly sought after security system today. Forget the conventional moth eaten leather and canvas wallets that offer seldom security to your credit cards and cash. Iwallet is your portable safe that cannot be accessed by any one else than you alone as it recognizes one single finger print- only the fingerprint of its ‘owner’. Developed as a result of years of effort and perfection by eminent engineers working in projects with NASA, iwallets comes in an elegant hard case construction, just ideal to store your imperative credit cards, past port photos, personal information and other critical data safely. 

With iwallet at your disposal, you will never be given with the chance of misplacing or losing your wallet in your lifetime. Iwallet incorporates up-to-the minute technological advancements that keep pace with the demand for extreme security and privacy. The iwallet incorporates sophisticated Bluetooth technology that enables it to be paired with your cellular phone so that it alerts you with a loud beep through your phone when your phone and iwallet are separated by 15-30 feet. The advanced Biometric fingerprint access feature of the iwallet offers extra protection of your valuables since the biometric reader integrated with the wallet recognizes none others than your finger prints only. This smart wallet comes with added features like tamper resistance and water resistance so that you need not have to worry about it when messing about. Moreover, iwallets offer you with the opportunity to prevent and detect identity theft that can otherwise occur with conventional wallets.  

Based on the material of construction, there are three splendid models of iwallets to choose from that includes: the 100 % carbon fiber models (Model SC-5144), the carbon fiber & Kevlar model (Model LC-5346) and the carbon fiber & Kevlar (Model LC-5245). Other than the classiness it offers, these wallets are comprised of secure cash compartments and credit card slots. They are even comfortable to carry and fit easily in your pockets. With iwallet, you can rest assured that your critical business data will not be lost while traveling or even while sleeping. Thus, these features make iwallet the best companion of business travelers. 

iWallet Logo

Logo of iWallet
Logo of iWallet

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing security threats in the US and is referred to as the involvement of an unauthorized person who illegally acquires the critical data of another person such as their credit cards, banking information, usernames and passwords, and even money. The person whose identity is lost this way can usually suffer from numerous consequences.  

Financial theft can occur when a criminal withdraws funds of the victim from a legitimate bank using identity tokens like identity token paper check, plastic card, PIN code, deposit slip, identifying personal data and card number. Credit card and bank fraud are two types of financial identity theft that have been reported to range from 17 to 26 % in the US. 18 % of the identity theft found today occurs in the form of ‘utilities fraud’ that refers to the utilization of clean credit reports of a child or someone who does not live at the residence to be approved for utilities. The theft of Social Security number and its utilization for obtaining a job is referred to as employment fraud (12 %). Another form of identity theft is ‘loan fraud’ that occurs when a loan is applied by the criminal in the name of the victim that can even occur when the Social Security number does not match with the name. The theft of critical data of a person can also bring about identity theft in the form of ‘Government fraud’ that can include the utilization of Social Security number, tax, and driver license. 

Identity theft is on the rise today with the unsecured form of data storage and data transactions through online banking, internet shopping, social networking etc. Stealing of personal information through stolen wallet is one of the major causes of identity theft happening today. You can avoid the risk of your wallet from being lost effectively with the help of an advanced alternative of wallet that comes in the form of high tech electronic credit card and cash iwallet. Developed by the eminent scientists working in NASA, the smart iwallets are the best technological innovation of today that offers reliable security and safety of your valuables. Owing to the integration of advanced Biometric finger print access feature that enables to recognize only a single fingerprint, this wallet can be opened and accessed by its rightful owner only. Moreover, the integration of Bluetooth technology helps you alert in case of any identity theft.

Know About iWallet


iWallet - the Credit Card Wallet
iWallet - the Credit Card Wallet

Prevent Identity Theft using IWallet

iWallet - Anti-Pickpocket Warning Device

The act of stealing money as well as other valuable information from other person’s pocket without his knowledge is called pick pocketing. These days, most of our valuable information such as credit cards, social security numbers, and driver’s license plus hard earned money is contained in a wallet. In majority of cases, its pick pocketing may result in identity theft. Thus there occurs a loss of huge amount money to its owners. In accordance with the studies revealed by the credit card companies, about 43% of the identity theft occurring in the US is obtained through the stolen wallets. Here comes the importance of an anti pick pocket wallet in the form of iWallet.

iWallet has been launched on considering the need for a new product innovation in the personal wallet industry for a long time. The only high tech wallet developed by engineers that work in projects with NASA. An important specialty of iWallet is that it could be matched with chosen PDA phones via Bluetooth Technology. As a result, if your cellular phone and iWallet is 15 – 30 ft away from each other, the phone will activates an alarm, which in turn is useful if you forget your cell phone or some one tries to steal your iWallet. This is an added benefit of iWallet.

Among many of its astounding features, perhaps the most noteworthy is its incorporated biometric reader due to which you could open this wallet only if it recognizes your finger print. This in turn helps to care for your personal information as well as cash in a wallet that only you can access or unlock. Thereby it enables you to overcome situations like identity theft or your children or somebody in your household stealing money from your wallet while it is unattended.

iWallet are tamper resistant and comes in the form of hard construction. It allows you to choose from three amazing models such as SC-5144, Model LC-5346, and Model LC-5245. In which Model SC-5144 is made from 100% Carbon Fiber and the other two from Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The price of these models is just US$ 599.95. In addition, superb options are available in the form of iWallets made out of fiber glass, if you are looking for a reasonable choice but containing in it all the aforesaid features. You can own it for just US$ 299.00! It is available in six unusual models.

Manage Your Wallet

How to Organize Your Wallet

No matter it is bifold or trifold or designer or trendy wallet or a first-rate quality leather wallet, in order to ensure its safety and efficiency, it should be kept in an ordered way. Some important tips are mentioned below to keep your wallet in an organized way.  

First of all, have a wallet with plenty compartments in order that it could effortlessly hold your cash and other information. If you are going to sort out your existing wallet, then dump out all needless stuffs from your wallet. It is advisable to store your cash separately and it would be better if you carry very little money. If you need to carry more cash, then it is recommended to store it in your hidden pocket.  It would be even better if you organize your wallet in such a way that it appears not only nice-looking but also thinner via excluding stuffs such as photos and excess cards. As well, if you have ATM card, then avoid carrying cash in your wallet, as it guarantees safety, aside from helping you to make your wallet slim.  

If you need to carry a number of cards such as credit cards and ATM cards, then categorize and store it. For instance, keep all credit cards in one compartment and all debit cards together in another compartment. Though, it would be better if you store not more than two credit cards or debit cards in your wallet. The way you organize your wallet must also ensure safety. Consequently, avoid carrying signed cheque leaf or check book in your pocket.  

Similarly, if you need to carry cards that contain in it your social security number, then take copies of it and black out the last digits on the copy in order to carry it in your wallet. At the same time, keep the originals in a safe place. Further, never make mistake of carrying ATM cards’ pin number in your wallet. Also, make use of separate compartments to secure your other valuable information such as driver’s license, social security number, health insurance and car insurance cards, and club cards.  

Opt for such high tech choices as iWallet if you have a busy schedule and don’t get enough time to organize your wallet. A specialty of this hard construction wallet is that it could be opened or accessed only if it recognizes your finger print, which in turn is due to its incorporated biometric reader. It is the only wallet that has been developed by engineers that work in projects with NASA.

Material Choices for Wallet

Used by both men and women, a wallet is an essential accessory that helps in storing cash and valuables in one place for easy handling. When women often place their wallet in their hand bags, men keep them in their breast, back, or coat pockets. More than just carrying cash, wallets have now turned out to be an important accessory for men that add on to their overall personality. That is why, a wallet is now chosen with special care. But not at all a tedious process, choosing a wallet helps you to take advantage if an exquisite range of options to choose from. For people who wish to own a trendy wallet can choose from a number of designer wallets available in the market. If you wish to carry lots of items in your wallet, choose a larger organizer wallet that can help in holding a variety of items including cash, credit cards, and passport – all in a well organized way.  

If you are someone who wishes to buy a high quality wallet, then check the material used for its manufacture. Amongst so many wallets available today to choose from such as leather, cotton, PVC, plastic, cotton, and nylon, leather wallets are undoubtedly the best quality wallet. Leather wallets, especially Italian leather, are the all-time favorites of people that are not only long lasting but also boasts of features like perfection, attractiveness, and durability. In fact, leather wallets are exceptionally high in price.  

If you can’t afford for expensive leather wallets, then natural cotton wallets are an affordable option. But they are not durable and appealing but can be washed. Moreover, a cotton wallet can be carried comfortably and holds items like cash, credit cards, and ATM cards easily. PVC wallets are another cost effective, stylish and versatile wallet that comes under designer wallets. Other than being a good casual wallet, PVC wallet comes with flexible features in effortlessly printed and embossed patterns.  

Other cost-effective wallets are plastic wallets that help in protecting your cash and other valuable information from getting wet. Another moist-free wallet option is nylon wallet that comes with features like waterproof and durability.  

But if you are in search of a complete wallet that can be distinguished in terms of quality as well as safety features, then opt for the high tech iWallet. iWallet is a tamper resistant, hard construction wallet that is manufactured using materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar. Developed by engineers working in projects with NASA, iwallets can be accessed by its rightful owner only as it recognizes only a single finger print.

Article Source: Wallet Materials from GoArticles


iWallet with Leather Pouches Inside

Inside of iWallet
Inside of iWallet

Facts Behind Credit Card and Identity Theft

Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud 

Usually, credit cards are used to execute deceitful activities such as to withdraw funds from your account without your authorization, procure goods in your name, and to get hold of bank loans and open another credit card account, thus leaving all debts and credits for you to clear. According to several studies, about ten million people are affected as a result of credit card identity theft per year. Credit card identity theft is simply a category of identity theft, for which your credit card is used as a means for illicit purposes. Lost or stolen wallets and purses is perhaps the most common way through which credit card identity theft could occur.

Credit card identity theft or credit card fraud has now become one of the serious problems confronted by the US Law agencies. As per the studies revealed by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft is obtained via stolen wallets. In almost every field, the technological development has brought about innovative changes. Thieves adopt most advanced options and tools to retrieve your credit card details. In other words, there is no exception in the case of credit card identity theft. A legitimate credit card company never gives you a phone call out of the blue to request for your credit card information. scammers use a pocket-sized tool attached with a slot that could easily scan and copy information from your credit card’s magnetic tape, which even includes the security holograms markings. Here starts the plight of poor credit card holders, as thieves use this cloned information for unscrupulous purposes. Aside these, thieves also depend on conventional options to retrieve your credit card information.

For instance, credit card identity theft may also happen through phone. So if you receive a phone call requesting for your social security card number and credit card number and expiry date, be careful as it may be the first step adopted by thieves to retrieve your sensitive information. Raiding your mailbox by criminals is another common way through which your credit card information could be stolen. In some example, thieves even search trash to gain your credit card and other vital information. Hence, verify several times before disposing a document or bill into the trash.

Via online, as scammers use high tech viruses as well as Trojans to track and record your critical information many people become victims of credit card identity theft. In short, you are at risk to become a victim of identity theft at any moment. Hence, to decrease the chances of credit card identity theft being careful is one of the best ways. The installation of the latest anti virus software and the usage of sophisticated wallets like iWallet can help you to prevent identity theft to an extent.

Article on Consequences of Credit Card Identity Theft

Identity Theft? Initial Steps

Basic Guide to Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?

The term Identity theft is used to explain a fraudulent activity in which your essential personal, business, or financial data including social security card, bank statements, credit cards, and online account details is misused or stolen by somebody for their personal growth. A person who becomes a victim of identity theft may have to face several serious consequences, from huge debts and employment loss to jail arrests.

Who is more prone to identity theft?

For identity theft anyone could be a target. In other words, any person could be a victim of identity theft irrespective of age, sex, and income levels.

What are the different types of identity theft?

Different types of identity theft involve: Credit Card Identity Theft; Social Security Card Identity Theft; Driver’s License Identity Theft; Medical Identity Theft; Criminal Identity Theft and Online Identity Theft.

Why should you be worried and careful about identity theft?

Since it involves the stealing of most important information, it may badly affect your good credit. This is because thieves primarily use your information such as credit card and social security card number to withdraw more cash, thereby leaving debt on your name. Further, the victim of identity theft may also lose his job. Sometimes, thieves utilize your personal information to avail of auto loans in your name or set up an internet or phone connection in your name. There are also instances in which you may be charged with a criminal offence due to identity theft.

When do you come to know about identity theft?

In most cases, you may not be attentive that you have become a prey of identity theft at first, and you may come to know only when credit card companies, creditors, or collection agencies notify that you have not cleared your debts. Sometimes, you may come to know only when you confirm your bank or financial statements to come across transfers or withdrawals that you have not made.

Tips to reduce or prevent identity theft

Although it is not easy to put off identity theft completely, you may decrease the chances of identity theft. To reduce the risk of identity theft here are some tips:

  • beware always when you carry your important personal or business information, particularly when you are in noisy restaurant, busy airport and metro station, bustling city street, or while crossing the road
  • protected your critical business and personal information in a safe place
  • Equally important is to secure your online information via installing the most up-to-date software

What are the different ways through which your identity could be lost?

According to the studies reveled by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft occurring in the nation is obtained via stolen wallets. From stealing records from your office, bribing an employee who keep track on your records and hacking your company’s computers to skimming and stolen wallets and purses, your identity could be stolen in a number of ways.

Is there any high tech option to overcome identity theft?

Launched by Iwallet Corp, iWallet is a high tech cash and credit card wallet that has been regarded as an answer to overcome identity theft. One could open this wallet only if it recognizes your finger print with its hard case construction and biometric fingerprint scanner. An added advantage is that it also protects your mobile phone, as it could be paired with the preferred PDA cellular phones via the Bluetooth Technology.

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Info on Different Types of Identity Theft

Common Identity Theft Types

Simply Identity theft is a term that is used to describe any type of deceitful activities that involves the illegal handling of your key personal information for their personal betterment and that too without your permission or knowledge. Identity theft happens when a person or an organization steals all or some parts of your identity as well as adopts this vital piece of information for their own benefits. In a number of ways, Identity theft could happen, from stealing your social security card number and credit card information to driver’s license, employment, and bank details. Mentioned below are a few of the ways through which your imperative personal identity or business data is stolen.

Driver’s License Identity Theft: It is a solemn fraudulent activity in which somebody uses your driver’s license card to consign traffic-related crimes in your name. In this case, you may not only get arrested but also lose your auto insurance. In addition, the identity thief uses your driver’s license to buy a new car in your name and the real problem develops up when a motor vehicle offence occurs, throughout which the crime would be charged in your name.

Credit Card Identity Theft: Now this kind of identity theft has become one of the serious issues faced by many people in the US. Generally credit card identity theft could happen in three ways such as:

  • Stealing your original credit card and using it in an unofficial way, thus leaving credit in your own name
  • Using the details in your credit card so as to make a new credit card and utilizing it for buying items on the web
  • Rather than stealing the card and using it to withdraw huge amount, credit card identity theft also includes stealing just your PIN (Personal Identification Number). This is done by obtaining your PIN number when you type it at the ATM counter to take out cash from your credit card

Medical Identity Theft: You may have to face many consequences, as a result of this type of identity theft. The important being the thief uses your medical identity including insurance details to obtain medical treatment in your name.

Social Security Identity Theft: Maybe this is the most somber of all types of identity thefts. In this case, a dishonest person or identity thief may use your social security card number to gain other personal information, which may involve taking advantage of your good credit to put more credit in your name. For employment purposes, some even mistreat your social security number and as a result you will be left with a vast income tax bill.

Different types of identity theft also include criminal identity theft and online identity theft. In short, whatever be the source or nature of identity theft, it is a serious issue that affect lives of lots of innocent people by absolutely shattering their life.

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Possibilities of How Identity is Stolen

Identity theft depicts a deceptive activity in which your most vital information including bank notes, social security card, passport, checks, and credit cards are stolen by another person for illicit purposes. According to the studies exposed by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft occurring in the US is obtained through stolen wallets. In fact, identity theft is a nightmare, and anyone at anytime could be a victim of identity theft. 

Most of the men store their critical information such as credit card, social security card number, and driver’s license in their wallets. Hence, for thieves, no other methods would be better than stealing your wallet in order to retrieve your most valuable business and personal data. A worrying thing as regards identity theft is that you may sometimes come to know about this only when you receive statement for credit card accounts that you never opened or bills for which you have never authorized or charges on bill that you never signed for or debts that you never acquired. So know more about identity theft as well as the chances through which your identity could be stolen.   

Identity theft is now fast becoming a serious crime in the US, and many people have been badly affected as a result of this. Being careful all times is one of the best ways to safeguard your wallet containing important information. Another way through which your identity could be stolen is dumpster diving, which is a practice in which thieves raid your residential or commercial trash to check whether you have thrown any useful piece of information in the form of old credit card bills, bank details, or any other bills containing your key business or personal data. Hence, it is advisable to dispose your bills only after its proper checking. Apart from these, lots of people now ever more become victim of identity theft online. That’s why; install the newest software to prevent phishing scam.  

Your identity could also be stolen over the phone. So just hang up the phone calls requesting for the disclosure of your credit card information or bank details. Likewise, you may become a victim of identity theft if your mail box is not secured, since such documents as credit card and bank statements, tax details, and telephone card calling cards pass through it. Owning iWallet can also help you to triumph over identity theft. It is a high tech men’s cash and credit wallet. Due to its incorporated biometric scanner it could be opened only if it recognizes your finger print. 

How to Overcome Identity Theft

Know To Overcome Identity Theft

Simply Identity theft is a term used to represent a fraudulent activity or crime that results in the loss as well as unauthorized utilization of your key pieces of personal or business information such as credit card, ATM cards, debit card, user name and password, relevant banking and financial data, and social security number. People become victims of identity theft in epidemic numbers these days. The only way to protect yourselves from identity theft would be perhaps prevention or to be careful, especially when you need to carry your critical data as well as cash in your wallet or personal suit case.

You may have to tackle several frightening as well as confusing situations one time you become a victim of identity theft, as your identity may be exploited for several distressing and illegal purposes like taking out mortgages or loans in your name, buying big ticket items like cars or computers in your name, opening bank account in your name to write bad checks, and counterfeiting check to empty your bank account, thus finally rolling up credit in your name. The majority of studies disclose that about 50% of identity theft in the nation is obtained through stolen wallets. Government frauds, bank transactions, employment frauds, and data breach are other sources through which your identity could be stolen. As a result of identity theft, some may lose job and also be accused of criminal charges. There are also people who become preys of identity theft via online transactions. Mentioned below are some tips to reduce the chances of identity theft.

Initially not at all carry more than one debit or credit card in your pocket. Also, confirm it repeatedly to make sure that it is there. If it is not essential, by no means carry such vital information as social security card in your wallet. It is also suggested not to put the number on any of your vital documents like checks. Additionally, it is worthwhile not to make safe your card’s PIN number in your wallet. As a preventive measure to avoid online scams, shred all kinds of important bank documents and credit card records that you accept in your mail. Similarly, never disclose your password or other personal information for any online company, as mostly legitimate companies may not require such information.

Besides, in regular intervals, confirm your credit card report and contact your credit card company in case if you sense doubtful on any purchase. Also, take care that your home mailbox is secure, as anybody could steal your important documents from it. So as to trim down its risk and ensure your mail’s safety, install a Post Office Box. Similarly, in order to protect your online identity it would be better if you use the most recent software.

Some Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Some Anti Pickpocketing Tips

According to the studies by the credit card companies, majority of identity theft occurring in the US is obtained through stolen wallets. Pickpocketing is an act of stealing wallets or purses containing in it valuables like money and personal information such as credit card, driver’s license, and social security card in order to utilize it for personal benefits. It has become a serious crime in the US, as pickpocketing may sometimes effect in identity theft, causing huge amount of loss to the owner.  

In fact, the after effects of pick-pocketing may be sometimes severe, as in some instance thieves may use identity of the victim to open a new account or take loan, however leaving credit in the victim’s name. Pickpocketers usually target you when you are in busy places such as crowded city street, airports and metro stations or in noisy restaurants or while attending parties. Discussed further in this article are some tips to help you put off pick-pocketing as well as identity theft. Not at all keep your wallet in your back pocket, especially when you are in a packed place. Further, when you are in airport, give special care to your documents like passport, as it is of great demand in black market. Similarly, avoid carrying social security number, if not necessary.  

Since thieves mostly work on gang, it is easy for them to distract you, ie, when one ask you to help find directions, another may be stealing your wallet. It would be even better if you keep your wallet thinner via storing it in few items such as not more than one credit card or debit card, one ATM card, and very little amount of cash. A pick-pocketer may also target you when you are chatting over a cell phone or while listening to your favorite music on your iPod. Most of the people use organizer or travel wallets while traveling, and some people may place it in their travel bag, which easily draws the attention of pickpocketers. Hence, it is better to keep your wallet in your hands or pockets during travel.  

Another situation in which you may be pick-pocketed is while sleeping. If you feel sleepy while traveling, place your bags on your lap or under your feet prior to nap. You can take turn napping if you commute in a group. In brief, a little concern and care may aid you from severe havocs and disasters. As mentioned earlier, thieves abound in swarming places and therefore leave your valuables and important personal data in your home when you go outside.

An Option to Safeguard Your Information

Safeguard Your Valuable Info in a Wallet

Majority of people store their most important data, from credit cards and debit cards to ATM card, driver’s license and social security card in their wallet. So as to triumph over pick pocketing that result in identity theft, Iwallet Corp has launched a high tech cash and credit card wallet in the form of iWallet. This wallet has been developed in such a way to make available maximum safety and security to your information stored within the wallet.

Due to its built-in biometric scanner, one could open and access the wallet only if it recognizes your finger print. In other words, once your finger print is associated with this wallet, only you could open and access it. This in turn is not only supportive to stop pickpocketing but also to someone in your home trying to steal information containing in your wallet. Another great thing about this wallet is that it could be paired with selected PDA telephones via the Bluetooth technology. This serves as a theft deterrent, as it results in producing a loud alarm in case if your iWallet and mobile phone is separated by 15 – 30 ft away. In that way alerting you in situations like if you forget or when someone tries to steal your iWallet or mobile phone.

According to the studies revealed by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft occurring in the US is obtained via stolen wallets. This in turn makes it suitable for pick pocketers to easily steal a person’s identity. Therefore pick pocketing and identity theft, the victim may be compelled to pay huge amount of money from his pocket for the expenses that have never been incurred or for loans that have never been applied for. In brief, the after affects of pick pocketing wallet and identity theft are quite distressing.

iWallet holds the peculiarity of being the only high tech wallet developed by renowned engineers who work in projects with the NASA. It also boasts of features such as hard case construction and tamper resistant. iWallet is made from carbon fiber and kevlar or fiber glass, when it comes to the material used for its making. Among the fiber glass models are Model FG-2425, Model FG 2426, Model FG 2427, Model FG 2428, Model FG 2429, and Model FG 2430. Carbon and Kevlar models include Model SC-5144, Model LC-5245, and Model LC-5346.


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      Sorry for the late reply. kindly check for more details. We have introduced new Slim iWallet.

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      I must be missing something. These articles describe the products and how wonderful they are. I would like to purchase one or more of these iWallets, but I have been unable to determine how much it costs or where to purchase it.

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      9 years ago

      This product name doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The popular usage in the late twentieth and early twentieth centuries referenced the commonly used means of communication and data transportation -- the internet. After reading this article, I soon realized this product does not utilize the internet whatsoever for productivity. It is a misleading title.

      With that said, one could also infer that the "i" in "iWallet" could mean one of many other things. Words like "Intelligent" or "integrated" would be suitable for this product. I would just assert to your consumers though that this product does not in fact utilize the internet or contribute to any Apple products -- the brand that mad "i" products are popular in the late nineties. Thank you.


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