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Watches That Will Make You Forget about Batteries and Winding

Updated on September 21, 2015

The Well-Known Preciseness

When someone wants to describe preciseness, he or she will probably say "sharp as a Swiss watch". This has become a synonym of something very accurate and infallible. And there are certain reasons for it. Swiss watches have always been known as ones of the best among all others. And now Swiss watch producers astonish the customers with their inventions and the fine and elaborate details.

The Self-Powering Mechanism

Invicta Men's 9937 Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch we are going to speak about below is one of such watches, which seem quite ordinary at the first glance - probably, somewhat nicer than just ordinary, - but the second glance reveals the inner essence, which cannot but leave you indifferent. This watch is equipped with an utterly interesting thing, a self-powering mechanism, which does not require any batteries. Have you ever heard of this wonder? Its scheme of work is very complicated. Numerous parts are joined into one body, which operates with a surprising preciseness merely due to movements of your hand. Their rotor is joined to the winding mechanism by a chain of transmitting wheels, and respectively, each moving and swinging of your arm makes this rotor respond, give the power of that movement to the winding system and this way keep the watch always winded. The amazing effect of this feature is being forced by the fact that the back of the mentioned watch is covered not with a solid lid, but with a transparent cover, which allows you to observe the enigmatic work of this finest mechanism.

But in case you do not wear your watch for some half of the day and do not give it a constant chance to keep itself powered by your movements, it is possible to use the ordinary watch winder, which operates just like any other one in all mechanic watches.

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II Mens Watch 241183

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241120 Classic Chronograph Blue Dial Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241404 Chrono Classic Black Dial Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241282 Chrono Classic XLS Watch

The Pretty Design Means a Lot

Of course, this watch is analog, and its design is one of those always classical styles, with a dark dial and light figures on it, denoting every ten minutes and luminescent dots depicting hours around the verge of the face. Some customers have a special delight in watching the hands, which are moving slowly, as this motion is said to be very smooth and slow in this model of watches. At the "three o'clock" you may see the date window, which shows the current date in the day format. This adds the touch of classics to the watch, as they look totally traditional and seem very suitable for those people, who need conservative watches for some certain reasons. The polished metal bracelet with a secure clasp finishes the sophisticated and classical look. It seems to be scratched easily, but there is no need to worry, as all the scratches can be as well without efforts polished away.

Invicta Men's 8928OB Pro Diver Two-Tone Automatic Watch

Invicta Men's 1088 Russian Diver Polyurethane Watch

Invicta Men's 1513 Chronograph Strap Watch

Invicta Men's 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch

Invicta Men's 3449 Corduba Collection Oversized Chronograph Watch

Invicta 1089 Russian Diver Mechanical Dial Blue Watch


Watches for Active People

On the other hand, the very title - Invicta Men's 9937 Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch - provides a thought of water. This watch is water resistant at the sufficient depth of six hundred sixty feet (something about two hundred meters), and their special flame-fusion dial window is able to stand this enormous pressure of water. You see, this is not just a watch for those, who do not take a step away from the office of home: in spite of the style, this is a timekeeper for active people. The watch is rather heavy in comparison with those, which are made in plastic cases, and you are going to feel it on your wrist, for instance, playing golf or other sports, which involve hands, but this is the true stainless steel, which has no rivals in durability and even shock resistance.

Don't Get Deluded

However, there is one detail, which requires special attention. This is the fact that sometimes people can be puzzled by the appearance of the Invicta Men's 9937 Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch and other models that look quite the same but cost less and along with that provide no such quality. This is very important not to let anyone deceive you, as if you buy watches not in the special shops or do not know where to look for a good reliable retailer, there are numerous swindlers, who can sell you the weaker models saying that these are real Swiss made watches. The matter is that nowadays there are so many skillful copies of the best watches, which cost pretty much, that only the most smart watch experts can tell an original from a copy. At the same time, copies happen to provide no worse performance than the original pieces, though such cases are not regular or frequent. In any case, making unlicensed copies is not good, but if to do, as for me, then it is better that people would receive something, that would not spoil the image of the company.

It is not a problem to find Swiss watches, and neither is it hard to buy them, if you can afford it. Yet, it is necessary to see to the genuine origin and the quality you pay your money for. But you have realized that it is worth buying.

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    • lastblast profile image

      lastblast 5 years ago

      It's very hard to choose - both Invicta and Rolex have such great innovative mechanisms. Great lens

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Awesome watches... i have nothing else to say about invicta

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice watches, would love to have one of them. What im wearing now is big "Storm" watch.

    • profile image

      tare1981 5 years ago

      I love invicta watches with selfpowering mechanism. That is what i call eco friendly :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Invicta is another Swiss watch brand, which is quite popular, and like we are used from swiss watches, it is very precise.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I like big watches with steel belt, and some of these look great. What i love about invicta is their preciseness.

    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      Watches are much more advanced these days, more people should wear them instead of using cell phones. I love your selections, Invicta definitely has a pretty design! xoxo

    • profile image

      t2000q 5 years ago

      nice watch collection lens

    • profile image

      branman442 5 years ago

      Great information on super accurate watches!