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Mason Pearson Hair Brush - Luxury Hair Care

Updated on August 30, 2011

Why Choose A Mason Pearson Hairbrush?

Mason Pearson hair brushes have been around since 1885, and although they have seen some alterations over the years for improved hair care, the versions you see on sale today are the same as the ones being made and sold in the 1920's. No need for any further product development as the Mason Pearson hair brush does exactly what it is supposed to, and that's a lot more than simply brushing the hair.

These hair brushes are by no means cheap, but a Mason Pearson hair brush does so much more than a regular brush. If you have hair that is lacking in health or just want to use what is best for your hair to keep it in optimum condition, consider a Mason Pearson hair brush, they are expensive for good reasons.

Boar Bristle Brushes

These brushes are designed for people with fine to normal hair, the longer the hair the larger the brush recommended. As you can see to the right, these brushes come in a variety of sizes from extra large to child size.

Preference is purely down to the individual as some people find it easier to use smaller rather than large brushes, plus, the smaller sizes are easier to travel with in general. The options are there however.

The Mason Pearson pure bristle brushes are created with delicate brushing in mind. Fine hair isn't at risk of breaking in comparison with a regular hair brush, or that made from different bristle materials. The sensitive version (minus handle) is designed for people who have very fine or are losing their hair.

Boar and Nylon Bristles

Designed for normal to thick hair these brushes are the ones that most people would go for. For hair that is neither fine nor very thick, these brushes are ideal.

My very first hairbrush was a Mason Pearson boar and nylon bristle pocket brush, I used that through my early childhood years and then went onto the popular size. I have only ever had three Mason Pearson hair brushes and the third was only due to losing the second. I'm in my early thirties and aside from using a Denman paddle brush for when my hair is wet, I have never personally used another hairbrush other than Mason Pearson, ever. My only experience of other brushes is on rare hairdresser visits. I haven't been impressed.

Aside from a couple of experimental short bobs, I have never had hair that isn't below my shoulders. My hair is neither thick, nor thin and it has a tendancy to be quite wavy if I don't use my paddle brush when my hair is wet. I couldn't ask for a better way to keep my hair in tip top condition.

What's Different About Mason Pearson Brushes?

These brushes are for specific hair types, it isn't a case of one for everybody. Within a family for instance there could be various kinds of Mason Pearson brushes being used by different family members. There are child sized brushes, brushes for thick, thin, long and short hair.

The individual brushes are mostly made by hand and aren't mass produced. They come in three varieties of bristles for different hair types, and have a unique rubber pad that houses the bristles for gentle but effective brushing of the hair.

Mason Pearson hair brushes stimulate the scalp, encouraging blood flow to the roots. This creates sebum which is a natural conditioner. As the hair is brushed the sebum coats the individual strands and creates a strenghtening effect. This is what gives the hair its glossy, healthy sheen.

Nylon Bristles

The nylon bristle brushes are designed for people with very thick or troublesome hair that tangles easily.

The great thing about Mason Pearson hair brushes is that they do more than just brush the hair, they clean it, removing unwanted oils, dry flakes or product build up. Best way to brush is by bending at the waist and brushing from the neck over the scalp and down to the ends of the hair. For the front, brush from the forehead and down.

Keeping Your Brush In Great Condition

All large size Mason and Pearson brushes come with a brush cleaner (though you should double check when buying), but really this should be used on all sized brushes to keep them in perfect working order. It's easy to use, gets all the deposits from the hair out of the bristles and only takes a few minutes each week. As mentioned, I've been using these brushes all my life, if you look after them, you won't need to replace them.

A travel pouch is a great way to keep a brush in tip top condition when travelling with it. Great just to slip into your handbag.

Mason Pearson Hair Brushes As Gifts

A Mason Pearson hairbrush makes a great gift. The child sizes make lovely baby gifts, as much like mine, it was a gift from my grandmother and the first and only hairbrush I ever owned as a child. My second and adult sized was a birthday gift from my mom.

The packaging is lovely and old fashioned and no matter what the age, a Mason Pearson hairbrush is a luxury gift that can be given on any occasion. It's a brand that once you have discovered, you want want to use anything else!


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