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Updated on April 6, 2016

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Did you ever had to pay money to join a modeling agency?

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Modeling " The Men"

Men at work or men who never work, one truly sounds better than another but how about men who work but the rest of the world thinks of their work as a "flashy lifestyle" . Do you have to be extra ordinary to achieve that? Answer: Not really. So why not do what you like to and are passionate about.

Modeling is an art of expressing, and the models are the medium to display the art( clothes , jewelry etc) . No to scare you or anything but there is also a huge responsibility that one has to perform since the designers pay huge bucks for their show and media advertisement. Modelling is of many types : runway modeling, print modeling, tv commercial, info-mercial( similar to advertisements but usually an awareness causing kind of an add)

To become a model and to live up to the expectations , one has to go through serious diet and strenuous work out regime. Usually most models have a part time job as a bartender or server at restaurant etc. So one has to be able to manage both aspects of their life and be truly great at multi-tasking

Now, as a person who is in pursuit of his dreams for modeling .The first thing to do is to choose what kind of modelling you would like to do and you fit in. For runway male models they want tall guys about 6 feet and 0 inches and above BUT however most modelling agencies or designers don't use models shorter than 6'0 for runway modeling and their weight is also in between an obese image but healthier than an anorexic look , I would say 175lbs to 190 lbs is usually ideal for guy whose heaight is about 6 feet' 0 inches and if you have lean and/or muscular body that's a BONUS!

So the first thing is to choose whether runway modeling,print modelling, commercial or what ever kind of modeling you fit in. Get your portfolio made by good photographers , remember you are portfolio is supposed to be a very impressive Portfolio . It is like a part of the "resume" in the fashion world, although it's rather in an album with a number of well shot pictures but you do have to submit a modeling resume as well.That resume does not have to have any details about your work history whether you work in a Bank or Mc Donald's it does not matter, they only care about your skills in language, dancing, horse riding, bike riding or any other skills ,any acting ( remember being good at acting can always help you in many ways if you are really into modeling). Now you must be thinking in your head that all that sounds good but I really don't have much money to hire someone to do a photo shoot. There is a way for you to save money but you will have to do a little work for it. I highly highly suggest to join that's like the Facebook these days if you are into modeling and its FREE to join. On that site make sure you take your time and fill out your profile as this is your chance to network with highly experienced models, photographers, actors etc . Once you create your profile, look for photographers and there are different groups you can join, I highly recommend you to do so. You will find that you are not the only one who is new to the fashion world and there are several photographers who are also trying to get credentials and build up their portfolio by "Work for Trade" . This basically means a trade of work between the two parties,at times no one charges( depends per person)anyone and the photographer takes your pictures for free as you would model for them and help them guid their portfolio by letting them take your pictures.It's basically a win win for both!

You are halfway there at this point, make sure you are working out and socializing ! If you are in Los Angles you can join LA casting ( its not really a modeling thing) but can help you get gigs for infomercials etc. Although this one is NOT a free service. So in this case know your budget and as I said its "not a must to have, only a good to be part of website"

Whome to socialize with!

If you are into modeling/acting scene make sure you know some or any good photographers, hair stylists or fashion designers . If you are in good terms and really good friends with either of these people they might also watch out for you and help you get your BIG BREAK! that you have been wanting since a long long time. So I just thought I should share this with you , and trust me making contacts and good friends is really really important in this industry. It's ironic in a manner because everyone goes through their shares of struggle in this industry and others will totally be able to relate with you and understand you. You will find some nicest people and long time friends, so open up your self and start socializing!

How to work as a male model!

Modeling Agencies

This is the most important of all !! There two different ways of applying at modeling agencies:

A) In-person - By walking in to a modeling agency.

B) Online - By applying online to any desired modeling agency.

In -person

When you are going in person to a modeling agency make sure you are dressed appropriately.The most important thing is you CAN NOT just walk in to any modeling agency anytime from 9am to 6pm, some people had this perception but I want to help you save your time and gas , before going to any modeling agency make sure you go to their website and check their "open call timings" usually they are Monday and Wednesday 3pm -5pm but differs from agency to agency. Now you don't need to get suited up or get ready as if you were going to an interview at the Bank or anything. In fact you need to dress relaxed and make sure you have your portfolio along with your modeling resume. Now make sure you have some extra pictures from that portfolio one or two best ones that you can hand them over. Make sure everything is accurate on your resume such as your shoe size , pant size, color size etc and the last but the most important stay confident! Yes, you are almost there and just wait on the seat after signing in with the receptionist and wait for your name to be called.


When applying online make sure you proofread your modeling resume several times before sending it since the resume and your pictures will be the only means for the agency to accept or reject . So make sure you do your best! They usually ask one face front and side pose ( you can visit the website and see what kind of pictures they require, they will have specific instructions so make sure to follow). Online seems easy and quick if you are in a foreign country or not in one of the state where that particular agency is , so in that case it works out fine.

Tips & Sample resume:

When you submit your photograph to a client or agency, it is helpful to submit your resume at the same time. Here are suggestions of what it should contain:

* Name

* Agency (if any)

* Address and phone (if you don't have an agent or manager)

* Height, weight

* Bust, waist, hips, neck measurements

* Hair and eye color

* Dress and shoe size

* Inseam

* Coat size

* Training: Include your formal education, courses you have
taken in modeling, acting, dancing, etc.

* Experience: Photo sessions, shows, commercials, acting
parts, television, motion pictures, etc.

* Special talents


Your Address and phone (if you don't have an agent or manager)

Height: 5'3" / Voice: mezzo
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Blonde

MFA; Ohio University's Professional Actor Training Program; Athens, Ohio
BFA; University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Stevens Point, Wisconsin
The Shakespeare Theatre Summer Classical Acting Conservatory; Washington, DC
Shakespeare & Company Summer Intensive; Lenox, Massachusetts
Workshops: Kate Buckley/Chicago Shakespeare (Folio Technique), Colleen Kelly (Combat), Arnold Bratov (Clown), Louis Colaianni (Dialects), Nick Jolley (Commercials), Karen Fields (Commercials), Peter Hackett (Audition), Tim Thilleman (Combat), Clay Van Sickle (Combat), Urban Bush Women (Improv), ComedySportz Milwaukee (Improv)

Columbus OH Taste of Sunrise Maizie MONOMOY THEATRE
Berea OH Don't Dress for Dinner Suzette CLEVELAND PUBLIC THEATRE
Cleveland OH Western Reserve Hysterical Society Ensemble THEATRE LUDICRUM
Boston MA The Menaechmi Twins Ancilla/Prologus DARK WATER THEATRE CO

Dialects: British (standard, Cockney, & North Country), Irish (standard & Northern), Welsh, German, Russian, French, Midwestern Farm, Wisconsin/Minnesotan
Combat: broadsword, unarmed, quarterstaff
Fencing: foil
Stage Makeup
American Sign Language


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