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Mushroom Tattoo Designs

Updated on July 4, 2014

Mushroom Tattoos

Mushrooms are very interesting, both as a food and symbolically. Not only do we use them in numerous recipes, we also entertain the mystical, magical qualities associated with fantasy characters associated with them, along with the stories which conjure up all sorts of possibilities which artists can have fun creating all sorts of imaginative scenarios out of.

Maybe it's the shape of the mushroom, video games using them as props, or again, the presumed magical qualities about them which does it, but artists love to include all sorts of vibrant colors when designing the image, letting their imaginations go.

An occasional unexpected creature comes into the picture as well with mushrooms, especially, but not limited to, the fairy. There is an almost endless number of interpretations in regard to that combination, offering up seemingly limitless possibilities.

Whatever the motivation and inspiration, mushrooms are cool subject matter, and are a great option for those seeking a tattoo.

Mushroom Tattoo on Foot

Mushrooms are one of the few tattoos I concede look good in color, although we'll start off with a more traditional tattoo with dark in only. I like this foot tattoo because it's the foundation used to build out the majority of tattoo scenarios, and it looks good too.

Although I'm not adverse to tattoos on the feet in general, for some reason I can't quite pinpoint, this one looks like it would have been better in another spot of the body. I could be because it's a little off center when you look at it. That probably wouldn't have been noticed if he was wearing sandals, which may have given the tattoo a more centered look.


Fairy Sitting on Mushroom Tattoo

Everything about this mushroom tattoo with the fairy sitting on it is fantastic. From the dark base of the mushroom up to the top of the wings of the fairy, the detail and craftsmanship are magnificent.

What impresses me about the fairy is the way the her hands and legs are positioned, giving the appearance of wonder, as does the look in her face, especially those simple but wonderful eyes.

Now after all these accolades, I do have to point out one little thing that doesn't look real good, although this tattoo looks like it was just completed, and so once the red goes away it may be a non-factor.

I'm referring to the twinkling stars and the little dots around them. They darken the edges around the image, making it look almost dirty, like using charcoal for art. Otherwise it's a really nicely done tattoo.


Mushroom Tattoo on Hand

With this first mushroom tattoo with color, it shows the whimsy and playfulness an artist can engage in when using a mushroom as the subject matter of the design.

What's really cool is the way the tattoo is shown from the bottom up. The little green grass around the bottom and the white stem and under layer of the mushroom make the red top is white spots stand out all the more.

This was actually a tattoo that had to have some work done over on it.


Tattoo of Group of Mushrooms on Side of Foot

What sets this apart for me is creating a group of mushrooms with different colors and placing on the side of the foot. Also nice is the emergence of the tattoos in the midst of a grassy spot.

From the placement you can see thought was given to being able to hide it when needed. But the only way you're going to see this tattoo as a whole is when the person goes bare foot.


Fairy Sitting on Mushroom

Immediately catching my eye with this tattoo of a fairy sitting on a mushroom was the sense that someone with a camera or smart phone just came up upon her and got off a quick shot before she zoomed off.

I get that from the way the head of the fairy is turned as if looking at whoever is looking at her. The color, along with the shape of the brown mushroom the fairy is sitting in finishes off the cute tattoo.


Hilarious Mushroom Man Smoking

This is a really unique and funny tattoo of a mushroom man smoking. I'm not going to go where this particular design is probably attempting to take us, but the colors and look of the face of the man is just too funny. He looks like he's in no pain.


Mushroom Tattoos

Mushroom tattoo designs are a niche, but when seeing those in this tattoo gallery, I'm sure it won't be long before they gain wider acceptance, or are even thought of as a choice for those seeking new ink.

The humor, whimsy and vibrant colors associated with these mushroom scenarios make them a sure winner


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