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Funny and Interesting Carrot Tattoos

Updated on August 20, 2015

Carrot Tattoos

Who would have thought the carrot would be an inspiration for some people looking for a new tattoo idea or getting their first one? But it is surprising at how many people decided on the carrot, and there are disparate reasons for that decision.

For example, when you see a carrot that mimics the look of a real carrot, that many times is someone wanting to say they live a vegan lifestyle, as represented by the orange vegetable.

Most others use the carrot as a foundation to create humorous tattoos expressing all sorts of hilarious looks and designs.

Whatever the reason, we'll look at a gallery of carrot tattoos which you'll either get a chuckle out of or maybe want to send a message to other they can or should eat in a way that doesn't include meat.

Carrot Tattoo on Leg

When you first look at this tattoo most people would ask themselves the question of why someone would want to put a replica of a carrot as their choice of a tattoo. The simple answer, as mentioned above is, it's a statement by the person about living a vegan lifestyle.

I guess when someone asks the obvious question it creates an opening for the person to promote what they want.

As for the carrot tattoo design quality, it is very well done, with vibrant colors and is very close to what a real carrot looks like.


Carrot Tattoo on Foot

What was funny about this particular tattoo is the reasoning behind it, with the message being we need to "get back to our roots." Pretty clever.

It seems that's why the choice was made to have the foot be the part of the body that was inked, as it is close to the earth.


Carrot Cake Tattoo

With this design it looks like the person getting it wanted to be sure we knew this wasn't just any old cake, but is a carrot cake, which by the way, is among one of my favorite cake types.

Maybe this is important because a grandmother or mother cooked it special when he was younger. The cake itself looks very realistic; and I should know, I've eaten an awful lot of it over my lifetime.


Dog and Carrot Tattoo

I really don't know if this was a dog, but I had to call it something. Either way, it's a hilarious tattoo, suggesting that this meat eater is having a change of heart and is secretly a closet vegan. That's what the carrot above the head refers to. The animal is dreaming of having a carrot instead of chasing down a meal with those vicious teeth.


Zombie Carrot Tattoo

Here is one of my favorites of all the carrot tattoos. It's not only cool-looking as to its theme and look, but it's the funny implication the carrot has now become a hungry meat eater. In other words, the vegan, in this case, is turning around and becoming a zombie carnivore.

For what it is, it is a great face and captures the humor and subject matter of the zombie carrot very compellingly.


Meat Eating Chicken Carrot Tattoo?

Carrying on with the carrot-turned-into-a-meat-eater theme, here we have a carrot with a good set of teeth flickering out a snake-like tongue. Those little chicken feet look great. Did you notice one of the eyes is a snake eye, if you know what that looks like? Funny tattoo.


Carrots are a Girl's Best Friend?

In this great carrot tattoo we have a combination of a carrot and karats, as bottom part of the carrot with the diamonds as the lower part of the body of the carrot, and the upper part being a regular carrot top.

So is a carrot a girl's best friend? If it's spelled with a "K". Oh, and we can't miss or forget that little heart at the top of the carrot, showing this person had someone in mind when he had it inked on him. Great tattoo.

Carot Playing the Accordion

This is so funny I keep laughing every time I see it. What a great carrot tattoo design, with the split bottom and all. But playing that according, that's hard to beat. And that silly look on the face of the carrot shows he's in love, as also confirmed by the heart at the top right of the tattoo.

I guess it's the correlation of the word carrot with karat that gets these lover boys all inspired.


Carrot Tattoos

Who would have thought carrot tattoos would be such an inspiration for ideas on being a vegan, humor, and attempting to impress your sweetheart?

It's great though, and this was a surprising bit of fun and enjoyment putting together and looking at this tattoo gallery of carrot tattoos, which still has me smiling as I finish it up. These are the kind of surprises that make my day.


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    • profile image

      Bias own 5 years ago

      Hey man that zombie carrot is one me! Awesome that you like it and yes it is direct statement against vegans!

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 5 years ago from Canada

      These are some awesome tattoo pics, although I am pretty sure the first one is on an arm not a leg. Thank you for introducing me to the world of carrot tattoos.