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What's In A Woman's Bag

Updated on November 23, 2015
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Hi My names Toya. I live in London UK and am working online selling products, blogging and writing reviews and articles like at Hub Pages.

What Kind Of Handbag Makes The Perfect Gift?

Any woman knows that a handbag is an essential accessory to her wardrobe. A handbag will match and complement a complete outfit and will usually be in the same color as her shoes. A bag's style will suit different occasions depending on where you are going.

You may prefer to use a large, small, clutch or shoulder bag when you go out and choosing the perfect handbag for someone is not easy.

The best way to choose a handbag for someone as a present is to buy one designed by someone the recipient already uses or wants a bag from. For example, if your recipient likes Christian Dior then get a Dior small shoulder bag, or if she likes Gucci, then choose a Gucci evening clutch bag.

What is good is that you can usually get your handbag gift wrapped at the counter when you buy it with a gift tag attached which can save a lot of time in wrapping and also add to the efffect by having your handbag delivered in a nice box usually with bows and ribbons.

Women Love Handbags!

What are your handbag essentials?

What you have in your handbag says something about the kind of person you are. Here is a list of some items that are a must have to take with you anywhere.

  • Red Lipstick
  • Shimmery Highlighter and/or bronzer
  • Eyeshadow and blush palette in gold and silver shades, plus metallic or glittery greens, blues, pinks.
  • Powder compact to quickly brush away tired skin and keep glowing.
  • Mobile Phone, with Facebook and Twitter messaging, plus video calling enabled
  • Notebook and/or Diary, with a Pen
  • Purse and/or wallet with your debit and/or credit card included
  • Powder compact

Which bag goes with your image?

What bag will you use to complement your style and outfit?

What you wear will determine the handbag you use. Your clothes will be tailored to the kind of event or outing you are going on. Matching colors and appropriate dress code styles are two things to think about when choosing which bag you are going to take with you.

Here are a few more ideas and tips to consider when you're getting dressed and getting your bag ready for when you go out:

What image are you creating?

Does your lipstick match your bag color?

Where are you going? Do you need your day time diary or evening notebook?

Do you have separate phones or make up for different occasions?

What's in your clutch?

Clutch bags are small bags which you can hold in your hands or which have a small hand strap or thin shoulder strap. They are very popular as 'grab and go' bags for any woman on the Go!. They are good for lunch outings and drinks parties and you can get a clutch bag for any occasion or style.

Inside your clutch bag you have to fit all your essentials so it is advisable to keep items small as these types of handbags are usually very small.


Lipstick, Compact mirror with powder and/or eye and blush palette with lipstick and/or lipgloss.

Add some perfume, tissues, small hairbrush and/or comb.

And add a notebook, mobile phone and Ipod.

What is your top essential item you put in your handbag, apart from your phone and keys?

See results

Some Inspiration For Handbags For Any Occasion

Which of these are you more likely to take with you in the evening?

See results

What does your handbag say about you?

  • Do you have a large bag with you?

  • Or a small one?

  • Is it one you can wear over your shoulders?

  • Or is it one you can hold like a clutch bag?

What kind of bag are you wearing and what items do you see as essential as taking with you?

And here is another thing to think about:




Some people and especially women, keep things in their bags, a bit like it is another place to store things they probably need every day. Some items which are in your bag just end up staying there. But then there are some women who like their handbags to stay clean and tidy with just a few items that they see as essential to take with them.

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