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Diabetic Neuropathy Shoes For Women & Men

Updated on August 1, 2013

The Best Shoes For Neuropathy Sufferers

Do you have diabetes or some other condition that results in neuropathy in the feet? You need a good pair of shoes that addresses your unique issues.

The shoes featured on this page are all almost universally going to provide you with a solid construction and frame to protect the foot. The interior should minimize pressure points and the shoes themselves should all provide additional ways for you to achieve a greater fit including additional fitting straps and Velcro, extra depth for interchangeable orthotics and insoles, and in some cases extra width for irregular sized feet.

These shoes are not a cure-all - you can't rely on them alone to fix your foot issues but they will protect you better than most alternatives. Please browse below - I hope you find something that will work for you.

Neuropathy Shoes For Women

Most shoes for people with foot neuropathy and/or diabetes can be found in fashionable styles that are going to look good in any setting. Only the most severe cases of neuropathy, foot swelling, and diabetic degradation result in a need for truly unattractive unisex medical booties. For women in particular this is important as unisex medical devices always seem to look better on men than women (jmho).

In any event a quality shoe for neuropathy patients will be something that is not restrictive. It will have plush lining and no seams that can irritate sensitive skin. Every person will be a bit different in fit so it's always best to find a shoe with adjustable fit that goes above and beyond what the typical shoe offers. In women's fashion lots of straps and buckles are normal but with medical comfort shoes there is usually a lot more foot coverage involved - meaning that shoes often are a bit bigger and bulkier than some women like on their feet.

Nevertheless, if you have neuropathy you have to protect the foot. This is the most important function of these kinds of shoes. The best shoes however will look great too. I've featured a wide range of women's neuropathy shoes below in various styles and price ranges. If you have foot neuropathy or diabetic foot problems such as small artery disease or physical deformities then make sure to get a pair or two of these shoes as well as a pair of diabetic slippers for use around the home. They will help minimize the chances of further foot problems developing.

Here are some good shoes for neuropathy by Drew Shoes.

Here are a few good shoes for people with foot neuropathy by Propet.

Neuropathy Shoes For Men

Buying quality shoes for men involve looking for all of the same features as noted above in the women's section. You need good fitting shoes with few pressure points if any. Adjustable shoes with straps and Velcro help in achieving the best fit possible as does extra depth as the additional space can be used for custom foot orthotics and/or shoe inserts.

Below I've featured many of the most popular shoes for men with foot neuropathy or diabetic complications. Make sure to wear these all the time - even in the house as that is where the majority of foot injuries occur for average people. A good alternative to these shoes for indoor use is a good pair of diabetic slippers. See this page for more in that category.

Men's neuropathy shoes by Drew.

How About Some Slippers For The Living Room?

As noted above one of the leading places for people with diabetes, neuropathy, and circulation problems to injur their feet is in the home. Walking barefoot or in socks can increase the odds of stubbed toes, cuts, scrapes, and bruising. If you don't like wearing shoes in the home make sure to get a pair of really good slippers - they will protect your feet in the home much better than all other alternatives. See the following page for lots of good slippers.

The Best Diabetic Slippers For Edema, Wide, Swollen or Deformed Feet
A good pair of diabetic slippers is one of the best ways to protect your feet from injury and infection around the home. No matter if you have advanced diabe...


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    • mcstacy profile image

      mcstacy 4 years ago

      I am a diabetic and have learned more on squidoo about the appropriate shoes for foot care than anywhere else. I enjoyed your lens and will continue looking for future lens you may write.