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NIKE AIR JORDAN XI RETRO BLACK / VARSITY RED-WHITE | Where to Buy For Less Than $400 | How To Tell If They're Real

Updated on September 7, 2013

How To Tell a Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Breds are Fake?

Looking to buy a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Black / Varsity Red-White Shoes For Less Than $200 online? So far, it looks like the going price on eBay and Amazon is closer to around $400.

So much excitement had been mounting surrounding the 2012 release of the Air Jordan XI Breds or Playoffs. Check out the unboxing preview videos below as well as side by side comparison videos of the 2001 vs. 2012 version.

Nike did not disappoint when it came to the high design of the packaging which includes a red plastic cover and red shoe inserts. Initial preview videos report that the shoe lives up to its fancy wrapping. Besides the packaging being designed to delight the purchaser, it was also designed as a way to deter counterfeit copies being sold so if you're wondering if you're buying a fake or the real thing, did it come in an original box or get shipped separately?

Before bidding on any eBay auction, double check the product number is 378037-010 and that the price is for adult vs. toddler or big kid sizes.

As with any highly anticipated release, there's been controversy surrounding its release in stores with reports of shootings and other incidents. The latest Nike Air Jordan shoe was released December 21, 2012.

But the biggest concern among internet shoppers seems to be if you actually find a pair of Breds for less than four hundred or even in the two to three hundred range, how can you spot a fake? See below for tips on how you can tell if the 2012 Air Jordan 11s are real or fake. One of the easiest surefire ways is if you get shipped a pair and they don't come with the authentic packaging. Stop, don't pass go. Red flag.

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Black / Varsity Red-White

Source: Nike / Amazon

Updated 8/01 & 9/07/2013

Nike Air Jordan XI (11) Retro Black/White-Varsity Red #378037-010CHECK AVAILABILITY

Air Jordan 11 Retail Prices Increase for Holiday 2012. With an official retail price of $185-200, the limited edition shoes are being auctioned off on eBay and selling on Amazon for double the price. Do you think that's waaay too much for basketball shoes? Or do you think the cool design is worth it.

Would You Pay $400 For Basketball Shoes?

See results

Where To Buy Nike Air Jordan 11 Online - Available From

Although the Nike Air Jordan 11 Breds come in adult sizes from 7.5 to 12, many sizes are either out of stock, sold-out or difficult to find either in store or online. Click on any of the shoes below to check what sizes are still available.

Air Jordan 11 Retro - 10 "Bred" - 378037 010
Air Jordan 11 Retro - 10 "Bred" - 378037 010

ADULT MEN'S SIZES: 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12.


Buy Nike Air Jordan XI Retro For Less Than $400 - Check eBay Listings

With the new 2012 Nike Air Jordan XI Retro shoes sold-out in many stores, one of the best places to track down a pair is eBay. Click on any of the listings below to find listings marked "Buy Now".

Also read carefully listings which offer Nike Air Jordan's for only around $200 as they may offered at that great price in kid's sizes.

Order Big Kids Sizes Up to 6.5 & 7 - From 3.5 to 6 Sizes Available Nike AIr Jordan 11 Breds

If you're looking to buy Nike Air Jordan 11 Breds for your kids, there's still Big Kids sizes available online. The cheapest I've seen is the smallest 3.5 size for $219 with the larger sizes going for $260 and up to just around $300.

How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 11s

Is the Air Jordan 11 Retro 378037 010 on eBay Fake or Authentic?

Real Vs. Fake Air Jordan 11s - How to Spot a Counterfeit

So you spot a pair of Air Jordan 11 Retro 378037 010 Breds on eBay, Amazon or Twitter for less than $200. The seller claims they have an excess of inventory and just want to sell down their stock. Sound too good to be true? Or maybe they're only $250 or $300. Chances are they're probably counterfeit or fake Air Jordan 11s.

If the seller says they don't come in the original box, don't get 'em. There's a reason why Nike has taken the time to create a fancy schmantzy box. It's not just for marketing presentation but also one more way to circumvent counterfeiters. It's true that they could actually be an authentic pair from a reviewer, but it's highly unlikely because technically they're not supposed to be re-selling the shoes they received. It's best to avoid the risk.

While eBay listings are guaranteed, why go through the hassle of having to wait for a refund. If you're buying from a seller that doesn't have a lot of ratings, that's your first clue -- buyer beware. Get the seller to send as many pictures up front.

I found two helpful guides to help you check out before you buy whether your Nike Air Jordan's are the real thing or fake.

  1. Guide: Are You Air Jordan 11s Fake?

    Step by Step Guide from Kicks on Fire

    Includes Pictures With Side by Side Comparisons

    Fake Vs. Authentic Air Jordan 11 Breds

  2. Air Jordan XI - How to Spot a Fake

    eBay Guide

    6 Point Checklist Guide

Preview Videos

2012 Air Jordan Retro 11

Black - Varsity Red - White

Bred XI

Review & Unboxing - Early Release Nike Air Jordan XI 11 Retro Breds

Difference Between 2001 & 2012 Air Jordan Retro 11 Breds

Side by Side Video Review - 2001 vs 2012 Air Jordan 11 Breds

2001 Vs. 2012 Comparison - 2012 Air Jordan Retro 11

Mike made them fly

Tinker made them shine

You made them iconic

Is it Worth the Risk to Wear Nike Air Jordan XIs?

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    • Jamesto233 LM profile image

      Jamesto233 LM 4 years ago

      I checked through the whole google and looking for the release date or uberhaupt to be released of the Air Jordan 6 retro in sport blue. Do you have any information. The closet I could get was from this source: Alpha Styles AIr Jordan Sneakers, but the release date was TBA (not sure what that mean btw, no info I guess).

      I checked a couple of the Air Jordan 6 retro sport blue is coming out? and looking forward for some good releases. Can you confirm