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Pajamas: Trendy and CUTE

Updated on October 31, 2013

Pajamas: Make Yourself Cozy At Home

Doesn't the name Pajama or Pyjama sound unusual to you? Ever wonder where it comes from? The name probably comes from an Indian word paejamah, which means "leg clothing" pae=leg and jamah=clothing.

According to the Enclyclopedia Britannica: Pyjamas were introduced in England as lounging attire in the 17th century. Soon they went out of fashion. About 1870 they reappeared in the Western world as sleeping attire for men, after returning British colonials brought pyjamas back from Southern Asia.

Americans tend to spell them Pajama (or even PJs) while Brits tend to use Pyjama or the older style Pyjamma.

Are Pajamas sexy? That depends. Pajamas can give a look of elegant comfort. Silk Pajamas for example, can look very sexy and fashionable.

But Pajamas are making a huge comeback. Sales of women's Pajamas are growing rapidly reaching $3-4 Billion annually. Sales of men's pajamas are actually growing faster, but this is because they are much smaller. Out of every 10 pair of adult pajamas sold, 9 pair are sold to women.

An even more surprising new fashion trend is the rapid growth of Footed Pajamas for teens and adults.

Why are pajamas so popular lately? Probably due to several reasons. There is a trend to comfort in clothing. People come home from work and want to watch TV in comfort. Funky and cool Pajamas are trendy. One reason that Pajamas are seen as so trendy is that Pajamas have been featured on popular TV shows from Friends, to Ally McBeal, Will and Grace and Grey's Anatomy. While men are comfortable hanging out in old gym shorts and a ripped T-Shirt, many women want to be both comfortable and trendy at home. Who knows who might drop by. Pajamas are so trendy these days that people are beginning to wear Pajamas to the mall or even to campus. Some people are wearing pajamas from morning to night. But Hugh Hefner has been wearing his jammies all day long for years.

PSSST; here's a tip: Oprah's Favorite Pajamas are Karen Neuburger Pajamas (see below).

Click The Link Below To See Some SUPER CUTE Adult Footed Pajamas

Flannel Footed Pajamas
Flannel Footed Pajamas

Kajamaz : Footed Pajamas From Europe

These are super cute footie pajamas

You have heard of footie pajamas for adults. But do you know about the new EUROPEAN footed pajamas called Kajamaz?? These are high quality footed pajamas, made of 100% cotton, with high quality zips and a specially designed back flap that is made to look attractive. These footed Pajamaz are shipped worldwide.

Pajama Program: Donating Pajamas to Kids in Need

Pajama Program: Donating Pajamas to Kids in Need
Pajama Program: Donating Pajamas to Kids in Need

The Pajama Program

Marketing executive Genevieve Piturro started the Pajama Program to provide new pajamas to Children in need in the USA and around the world. Genevieve has collected 85,000 pairs of pajamas for needy children. Genevieve and the Pajama Program were featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Tepper Jackson Pyjamas - Cute pajamas from Linda Tepper

Linda Tepper of Nick & Nora (see Nick & Nora Pajamas below) and textile and graphic designer Jackie Shapiro of French Bull Tableware have collaborated to bring a new brand of Pajamas that are getting alot of attention lately. Tepper Jackson Pajamas have been featured in In Style, Lucky, Oprah Magazine and Country Living

Nick and Nora Pajamas

Linda Tepper and Steven Abrams are the brains behind Nick & Nora's fashions, which has been distributed internationally for the last twenty years. Calista Flockhart otherwise known as "Ally McBeal" danced in sheep-and-cloud-patterned (Cloud Nine) Nick and Nora Pajamas.

BedHead Pajamas

Oprah Says About BedHead

"It's not every night you get to wear something that's equal parts style and comfort." -

Jennifer Aniston wore them on "Friends", Deborah Messing wore them on "Will & Grace".

Renee Claire started the sleepwear company in her Los Angeles apartment. Today, more than 1,000 stores nationwide carry her made-in-the-U.S.A. luxury pajamas.

PJ Salvage Vintage Romance - These pajamas are trendy and cute

The name says it all. PJ Salvage Vintage Pajamas are retro design, taking advantage of the nostalgia of pajamas and the fact that pajamas are now enjoying a rebirth from a simpler time.

Tell us what you think about pajamas, footed or otherwise.

What Are Your Favorite Pajamas? - Have You Tried Footed Pajamas

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love Pajamas! Actually I spend lots of time in my pajama. If I think better, I should be called Pajama writer, haha!


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