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Right hand diamond rings for women... or men, if that's your thing...

Updated on December 2, 2015
Right hand diamond rings
Right hand diamond rings

Rings are meant to be worn primarily on your fingers, and this is not taking account of toe rings. Rings can be worn on any fingers of both hands, and are quite fashionable regardless of which hand you choose to wear them on.

Some of the fingers have a special meaning, like the ring finger, where all the wedding rings and engagement rings are worn. But, there might be some confusion when people mention right hand diamond rings. Usually people talk about which finger to wear it on and not which hand.

There is double meaning behind the right hand diamond rings, and the first one is about marriage. In Roman custom, all wedding rings were supposed to be worn on the right hand.

There is also another belief why wedding rings are supposed to be used on the right hand. The Latin translation for the word left is "sinister" which the translation for right is "dexter". In other words, the ring on the right hand has sort of a better image than putting it the left hand.

Right hand diamond rings

Then, the other meaning associated with right hand diamond rings is cocktail rings. Cocktail rings as the name suggest, is designed with a social aspect in mind, and usually are much more intricate and detailed then a standard wedding ring.

A wedding ring usually has a single diamond to show devotion to a single person but cocktail ring will have a lot of diamonds attached to it. The purpose of the cocktail ring is to show to people the wearer's personality rather than her marriage.

Married women can still wear cocktail rings rather than their wedding ring to show that they have not lost their fashion sense, and this ring would most likely be worn on the right hand, instead of replacing the ring on the left hand.

You may wear right hand diamond rings for different reasons, but you need to be careful when choosing them. If you are a right handed person, you will do a lot of things with your hands and that will put a lot of stress onto the rings. So you need to pick rings that have a strong frame and hard gemstones like diamonds do.

A good metal should be made out of 18 or 14 karat gold or platinum. These metals are very durable, and they can be worn on your finger every day. Lower karat gold is not suitable, as they have a weaker structure and can be bent or scratched easily. If you are looking for a budget for something white, 18 or 14 karat white gold ring will be cheaper than buying a platinum ring.

Then, as for the design of the right hand diamond rings, it depends on your purpose. The right hand diamond rings for married women tend to be very simple. They might only feature a single diamond and have a simple ring shape.

Cocktail rings however can come in all kinds of design. They can take any shape and usually have more than one gemstone attached onto it. After all, the cocktail rings are supposed to be more extravagant than the wedding rings.

The design of the cocktail ring may interfere with household duties and they are normally only worn when you are going out. The simplicity of the wedding rings allows you to wear it all day without interfering with your work.

Choosing a right hand diamond ring will largely be a personal journey, but one that will be fulfilling, and will truly show off who you truly are with style and grace...

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