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Serenity Prayer Jewelry

Updated on January 24, 2015

Grant Me The Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change...

This can be a tough old world, but there's hope and spiritual strength in the simple but powerful words of the Serenity Prayer. Keep the prayer close to you on a piece of fine jewelry, or gift it to a friend who needs a bit of courage right now.

Whether you are a prayerful person of faith or not, these poetic lines can help you gain the strength needed to make changes in your life, and to be able to accept what cannot be changed. The Serenity Prayer will leave you feeling at peace with yourself and all that surrounds you. Read on for the full text of the Serenity Prayer and a bit about its origins, as well as beautiful personal jewelry pieces that carry the well-loved words of prayer for serenity, courage, and wisdom.

Photo: Serenity Prayer by Roadkill0567, on Flick CC BY 2.0]

Leather Wrap Bracelet for Men or Women - Serenity Prayer and Crystal Studs

Maybe you're not the kind of person who usually wears much in the way of jewelry, either because it just doesn't seem like "you" or maybe you don't care for the feel of metal against your skin. Maybe you worry about losing a costly piece, or having it taken from you? I think this inexpensive leather wrap will be the answer. Black leather is my choice, but if you click through and look around you'll find you can pick up the same great look in all kinds of bright colors as well - like hot pink or turquoise! - depending on what's available for the selection right now.

Serenity Prayer Black Leather Recovery Wrap Bracelet, Wraps 4-5 Times Around Wrist
Serenity Prayer Black Leather Recovery Wrap Bracelet, Wraps 4-5 Times Around Wrist

This is the perfect gift for the teenager in your life. Turquoise leather, silver letter etching, crystal clear studs. Wraps around the wrist 4 - 5 times.

Serenity Prayer Journal
Serenity Prayer Journal

Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom

Living One Day at a Time

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;

Enjoying one moment at a time;

Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world

as it is, not as I would have it;

Trusting that You will make all things right

if I surrender to Your Will;

That I may be reasonably happy in this life

and supremely happy with You

Forever in the next.


Vintage Brass Serenity Prayer Cuff - A Message of Comfort and Courage

Serenity Prayer Vintage Style Brass Cuff Bracelet
Serenity Prayer Vintage Style Brass Cuff Bracelet

This bold and dramatic red cuff bracelet from Unique Art Pendants, bearing the words of the Serenity Prayer, measures about 1.5 by 6 inches, with an opening of about 1.5 inches. It can be adjusted slightly on the wrist as there's a bit of a bend to the metal. The natural patina of the brass shows through the coloring to give an interesting texture behind the quoted words.


Who Wrote The Serenity Prayer?

Did You Know...

The poem we know as the Serenity Prayer was written by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), an American Protestant theologian. It was composed perhaps as early as the 1930s, though this is not certain, as the words are found in a number of slight variations in different sources - for some time the prayer seems to have travelled by word of mouth, from speaker's podium to pulpit and from friend to friend.

In 1941, when the Serenity Prayer appeared in a newspaper obituary, it was brought to the attention of Alcoholics Anonymous and was soon adopted for use by this and other twelve-step programs, where it has been in use ever since. The sentiments of the prayer have struck a deep chord with many people, Christian and Agnostic alike - especially those well-known first three lines which carry the wishful prayer for serenity, courage, and wisdom in our fast-changing, challenging world of human frailty.

Serenity Prayer Bracelets - Sterling Silver Bangles and Cuffs

Simple, understated, classic sterling silver bracelets are inscribed with the memorable words of the well-loved prayer. A glance at your wrist is a gentle reminder in times of stress that we take all things one day at a time.

Serenity Prayer Rings

Stainless Steel Rings for Men

It can be difficult to choose a ring for a man - indeed, it can be difficult to persuade some men to wear any jewelry at all, beyond the most plain of wedding bands - but I've found three styles of bold stainless steel rings that have such masculine style, even the tough guys will be happy to wear this aide-memoire to prayer. Details such as a contrasting black cable design, an incised channel, or a heavy central chain between two lines of inscribed text make these rings as frankly good-looking as they are personally meaningful.

Prayer is Powerful

The Serenity Prayer can help us accept things we cannot change so that we can move forward with our lives. It can also give us the courage and strength to make positive changes.

Is Prayer a Part of Your Day? - Share Your Thoughts...

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    • Boomer1952 profile image

      Boomer1952 4 years ago

      Yes it is, and the serenity prayer is one of my favorites.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 5 years ago from GRENADA

      Most definitely!

    • CampingMemoriesD profile image

      CampingMemoriesD 5 years ago

      The beginning of this prayer is a great way to start praying too.

    • ComfortsOfHome profile image

      ComfortsOfHome 5 years ago

      @Ruthi: I think it is the sense of calm & strength that we find so appealing about the Serenity Prayer, perhaps? Thank you, Ruthi, for your comment - and also for the heads-up. I think I've finally got that Tree of Life planted more firmly. :-)

    • ComfortsOfHome profile image

      ComfortsOfHome 5 years ago

      @Camden1: Mind and body and spirit are all so connected, prayer or meditation is a natural fit for the end of your physical exercise time.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      Oddly enough, during the last few minutes of exercising. It's a time for me to reflect and be thankful.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      Yes, I do pray every day. Mostly I pray for others, but often pray for myself, too, and I always remember a prayer of thankfulness. The serenity prayer is a favorite of mine for many reasons.

      I clicked the link to purchase Serenity Prayer Tree of Life Tag Pendant but it is currently unavailable!