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Men of the House - The World Needs You

Updated on March 20, 2014

Steve Martin's Father of the Bride, and Tommy Lee Jones' Man of the House are films I could watch over and over again. Both as romantic lonesome Ranger (Jones) who is old enough to be a great-grandfather protecting cheerleaders, and a dad (Martin) who goes a little haywire on his daughter's plan of getting married, have shown rendering fatherly hearts for their own lives than both care to admit.

The comedy "fatherly" movies touched on what I consider to be an essential truth of what a real man and father is, at least for me. I've thought of writing this to give honor to our men this Father's Day season, perhaps with the exception of guys who just don't try giving it a little effort.


The Classic Macho Genre

Different people may have different thinking of what macho means, but in essence, is a set of rules males are expected to abide by, or a somewhat flattering but immaterial label that people believed they earned whether it was being extremely athletic, good-looking, or via bagging chicks.

Hard to understand, but conceptualizing "macho man" as the worthy manhood, has given much weight on the real essence of macho as true manliness.

Men today are ready to prepare their minds for action noting on what they want, believe, and why. No matter what type of accomplishments they've done, a new position of power, or the latest business deal, talk to them and you'll see the cozy and home-loving side of men, quoting Justin Timberlake as saying, men have overcome the "worldly" meaning of being macho.

The sense that people constantly ask the help of men for a task that seems hard to accomplish means the world needed this macho-ness.

Who Makes the World Feel Secure


When you love your husband and he hurts you, no matter how much you tell it in your head to forget about him, you can’t, because he still is in your heart. Same thing with the feeling of security, if you are angry and thinking that you don't need him, it won’t make sense because it's not true. If he loves you then he will never let you go. The fact that you believe he will always be there for you, already gives you a sense of security.

Tact and respect for others is a man thing. You might tell me the funniest, loudest and most charming guy around would get everyone's attention. Guys can make us laugh, they really do... and I bet you'll agree how they can control most of what's going on. Guys love attention, in fact all men do.

But if someone trips, it may seem funny, and you may be crazy laughing. Real men have the strongest control over this situation as it's their nature to think like the person who tripped; they may be hurt, needs help, or very embarrassed. Men always pretend being that person who slipped, a gesture that helps them take the side of the person.

That’s how beautiful a man's heart could be - the way they uniquely face the challenges of how they, being the stronger sex, safeguards you and your feelings above their own.

For Inspiration


The world likes a guy with good hygiene, which is close to saying we all need a person that puts color and energy to life. But must he do laundry in order to wear clean and not smelly clothes? Must he own a comb? Must he cook?...dress nicely? Oh well, for the basics, yes.

How would you consider those men recognizing the challenges women face, grapple with, and who are thrilled of the efforts you offer? Aren’t they an enormous source of strength putting value on how important you are side-by side?

How Do You Define Men

You could say that today’s women are free to do whatever a man is capable of doing. We already see male-free activities successfully run by women, gals-only trips, girls walk, dinner for girls night, and many more. For a lot of men, they have given their heartful understanding of you worth of the same recognition.

But as soon as a guy wants to do something not involving women, women come running, saying it’s not fair and they want to be a part of it. This clearly states that we needed men not just to run our world, but to color our life.

Too Good to Be True?

For traditional women, if not all women, men of the house are supposed to be people worthy of respect and admiration. They're the human beings supposed to take care of the people and things that life has entrusted to us. Wives and children count on husbands and fathers to be there when they needed them most.

They're the men the world could count on.... men with purpose... men who will lead us out of the dark... and men who will tell the world there's life in it. Perhaps most of what we think happens to be suprisingly appropriate. It could switch the light on as far as this particular subject goes and help us understand how many men gave up a lot of themselves for our sake.

Our world does not need more clever men or rich men but it certainly needs more godly men and women. As David Brinkley quotes, " A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."


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