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How to Care for Cosmetics and Save Money

Updated on October 23, 2013


Brand name cosmetics can be expensive. You can buy cosmetics for half the price you would pay in department stores. You should learn how to take care and organize your cosmetics?

Where to Store Your Cosmetics

Purchasing cosmetics in a department store are quite expensive. Not only is the makeup expensive in department stores but you will get the same quality makeup for a lot less if you follow these steps.

  • Purchase your makeup in your local drug stores or dollar stores.
  • Check the brand names many of the drug stores carry the same brand name makeup as the department stores.
  • Inspect the package your makeup came in for damage. Make sure none of the seals has been tampered with before purchasing.
  • Only purchase what you need. Makeup that lies around in the drawers will age, break or spill.
  • Ask for samples whenever possible. This will save you time and money.
  • Store your makeup in a tackle box. Yes, a tackle box they were meant to last and they hold a lot more makeup with a lot more compartments.
  • Place all your makeup in the compartments. This way you will stay organized and find what you need quickly.
  • Keep your makeup in a dry place. Not in the bathroom, there is too much moisture in the air.
  • Never try on makeup that other people tried on before you. You will put yourself at high risk for an infection or worse.

Avoid Acne and Bacteria from Makeup

Before you apply your makeup. You should always wash your face and hands. Washing your face washes off the excess oils and any bacteria that might be on your face.

This is especially important for teenage girls and younger women.

Foundations and cover-up type cosmetics are your worst offenders of growing bacteria.

If you are a teenager that has an acne problem. You should throw out your foundation and buy foundation that comes in a pump or spray.

Buying cosmetics and foundation in a pump is the best way to avoid bacteria growth in your makeup.

I will tell you why? Your touch surfaces loading with virus and bacteria. Every time you use your fingers to dab from the bottle or jar. You are introducing bacteria from your fingers.

Also when you do touch ups throughout the day. You are not always somewhere to wash your hands.

Never sleep with your makeup on. Your face needs to secrete natural oils and breathe. Be sure to clean your face before bed time.


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    • entertianmentplus profile image

      entertianmentplus 7 years ago from United States

      Very good hub on make up.