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Silver Makeup Looks, Ideas, Tutorials

Updated on May 14, 2015

Silver Makeup

Silver makeup is a fantastic option for those wanting something a little different, and can be used for almost any situation, although you'll have to adapt the makeup look depending on where it is you're going and what it is you're doing.

You can incorporate silver makeup for the purpose of going out in general, looking glam, or even for a costume or Halloween party if the occasion calls for it.

Silver is extremely versatile for a wide variety of looks, and can easily be adapted with whatever you're wearing out for the night.

As for normal wear, adding the sparkly color can really make your eyes shine brilliantly, also providing an aura of mystery about you; similar to gold makeup usage.

Whatever the purpose, silver is an awesome color choice which will draw a lot of attention to yourself. Just be prepared for a lot of interaction.

Silver Makeup Designs

For going out, silver works fantastic alone or when blended with another color. Also take into consideration your eye color to see how you want to apply the silver.

Concerning color combinations, I have found silver to work well with almost any color, although it works better with some than others. For example, blue and silver, and black and silver look great together, although many hues of other colors do as well.

To me hues are the real secret of wonderful silver makeup looks. One shade used with silver may work fantastic, while another may fail for you, depending on factors like skin tone and eye color.

It's not rocket science though. If you like a certain color that doesn't seem to work, just change the hue or shade of the color to get the look you're seeking.

Jennifer Lopez in Silver Makeup

In this first photo of Jennifer Lopez using silver makeup, you can see why it's such a terrific makeup choice to use.

Her eyes sparkle without using glitter, and work wonderfully with the earrings and sheen of her skin.

This is what may be called minimalist, but it's absolutely gorgeous. This is something you could where almost anywhere you're going out.

Silver Makeup Blending Nice on Jennifer Lopez


Rihanna with Silver Makeup

Here's another good example of how silver makeup can look so attractive, even when used subtly, as with Rihanna with this beautiful look.

Usually the look used by Jennifer Lopez is one that is for when going out at night, while the look by Rihanna is for days, as shown by the lack of silver under the eyes of Rihanna, and the silver surrounding the eyes of Jennifer Lopez.

This is one of the strengths of using silver; many times more is less, and you don't need a lot to make those eyes pop.

Silver Eye Makeup on Rihanna


Silver and Green Makeup Combo

Now we'll look at a color combination of silver and green. This is one of those examples mentioned earlier of how silver can work so awesomely with another color. There is no sense of interruption in the look, and it's absolutely fabulous.

Soft Green and Silver Eye Makeup

Silver Makeup Video Tutorials

Now we'll look at several silver makeup video tutorials, each one showing a different look or different skin tone, in order to show how it may look with your skin or eye color.

Also of note is the variety of lipstick choice used, which can alter the look completely, as you'll see when perusing the video tutorials.

Makeup Tutorial: Silver Smokey Eyes

Casual Silver Makeup Tutorial

Silver Makeup Tips

As mentioned earlier, silver is primarily a neutral color, and so works in the majority of circumstances, skin tones and complexions. Most of the differences are in what particular purpose you want to use the silver makeup for.

For example, you can ease up some for daytime activities, such as work or school, but get a little heavier when going out at night. One little trick you can use when wanting a bit of a kick to your silver is to wet the liner or eyeshadow. That will make it more intense than usual.

Also keep in mind if you're going with silver alone, it should work with almost any outfit you decide to wear because of its being a neutral color. That could change if you're using more than silver in your makeup.

Another thing you can do with silver is combine it with another type of look, such as cat eyes. This works fantastic when using black, although I'm sure it would work well with other colors too.

What is a fun practice is to layer your silver eye makeup, as it'll drastically change the way you look, quite possibly creating something you love, but weren't expecting.

To differentiate, you can also take powder shadow and place it over your eye liner for a completely different color that really stands out.

Try a few of these things and you could be nicely surprised by the results.

Glam Silver Makeup Look

I really like this glam silver look; one that is bold, makes a statement, and is gorgeous. It is something you could use to go out on special occasions and events, or even as a mask for a Halloween or other costume party.

It's fascinating how these types of looks can be used in more than one circumstance as the culture has changed.

Just be aware that there are a lot of ways you can go way out there with silver makeup, especially for costume ideas. I didn't want to go off in that direction too much in this article, but included it to show you the possibilities.

Below it is a different look using silver with a bluish tint.

Making a Statement with Loud Silver Makeup


Stunning Black and Silver Makeup

I thought this was a beautiful silver and black makeup look. If you don't mind the dark of the eyes, using silver to accentuate them is a great choice.

Did you notice that little touch coming out from the inside of each eye? Very nice!


Silver Makeup Designs

Silver is such an inspirational and fun makeup choice, that I'm surprised more ladies don't use It. It works in almost any circumstance, with just about and skin tone and eye color, and can be used in a multitude of situations, including Halloween parties and cosplay.

However you decide to use its, silver is something that should be part of your look.

While you may not to wear it too often so it doesn't wear out on you, it's a wonderful way to change your appearance and surprise your friends with something that's unique and makes you shine.


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