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Different Types of Facials Available in Spas

Updated on November 12, 2011

There are different types of facials available in spas. Specific type of facial is for specific type of skin. Also there are some special facials which can help in treating different skin problems.

Our skin is not only the largest organ of our body but also it is the mirror of our inner health. It also takes out the toxic agents of our body through the cell pores. Our facial skin is the most exposed parts of our body which is highly vulnerable to several skin problems. So, a proper care of our facial skin is worth a lot.

Different facial treatments exfoliate the cell pores and help the cell to breathe more. Yes, our skin does breathe. It takes fresh air in and releases harmful and toxic agents from our body. A regular facial can remove all types of facial skin problems and give you glorious look. Specialists recommend that under the age of 25, facial should be done at least once in a month. It will remove the dirt and blackheads and also reduce the tanning of the facial skin.

Deep Cleansing

It involves basic steps of facial which is done mostly in all types of spa facial treatments. It is done to clean the facial skin and improve the moisture condition by providing a stream wash. Followed by streaming a gentle massage with scrub granules applied over the face. Then the scrub is removed and a cleansing cream is applied. A mechanical massage is then done with the help of a rotating electric brush which exfoliates the skin. It can be done by anyone and anytime to reduce the tanning of the face, remove dirt and blackheads, increasing the face glow and relax you after a day of hard work. Different facials have different procedures but deep cleansing process is present in almost all of them.

Normal Facial

This is quite similar to the deep cleansing with only difference in cleaning and massaging for a longer time. This is a highly popular spa facial treatment to both men and women for its performance and low cost features. This facial treatment is specially recommended for those who have no problems in their face. It only cleans and provides a fresh feeling.

Special Facial

This is an advance type of facial which uses a hypoallergenic cream to increase the moisture condition. Depending upon the skin type additional face packs can be applied followed by a deep cleansing. People with sensitive skin type can have this treatment to reduce the probability of skin problems.

Anti-oxidant Facial

Of all the different facials available in spas anti-oxidant facial is one of the most preferred treatments. It is for those who have to work outside and deal with pollutions regularly. Creams and masks used in this facial contain anti-oxidant agents like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene which improve the facial skin to fight against pollution. In this process, pollutants and dusts are first removed from the face and then a deep cleansing therapy is applied.

Acne Facial

Probably, Acne is the most common skin problem that is more prominent in women. This spa facial is for those who are suffering from acne and other skin problems. In this facial treatment, the cleansing is done with glycolic acid and a warm vapor mist. Followed by the cleansing, manual massage and electric massage are done for facial exfoliation and to calm the skin. Finally an anti-bacterial masking is applied over face. This facial should be continued at regular basis (2 or 3 weeks interval) until the skin problem is fully cleared. Sometimes other advanced types of facials are used to deal with acne.

Gold Facial

Of all the different types of facials, this facial is used for its rejuvenation capacity. Cream and mask containing 24 carat pure gold is used to apply over skin which directly penetrates the skin to improve the lymphatic drainage and transporting toxic agent and wastes out through the cell pores. It also helps to generate new cells, restores youthfulness, soften and smoothen the skin and improve skin elasticity, resilience and radiance.

Galvanic Facial

This is a special type of facial. Some water soluble substance is applied to the skin with the help of direct and steady galvanic current to improve the absorption and penetration capacity of the facial skin. This spa facial solves several skin problems by drying and hydrating skin and improves the moisture percentage to remove congestion of the facial skin.

Collagen Facial

This is one of the advanced facial treatments available in spas. In this facial, a multi stage exfoliation of skin is done with warm vapor mist, deep pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage and mineral or paraffin masking over a dry collagen sheet. This facial treatment is specially done to improve the hydrating condition and to ensure the absorption of liquid nutrients in the skin. In addition to these, a laser or galvanic treatment is sometimes provided. It helps to prevent wrinkles and protects the face from harmful environmental agents.

Aromatherapy Facial

This is generally done for relaxation of body and mind. It includes a thorough massage of the face followed by masking that contains natural oils which removes toxins, improves normal skin functions, reproduce cells. This facial is very useful for reducing mental stresses, rejuvenating and revitalizing.

Paraffin Facial

This facial spa treatment involves the application of paraffin mask on the face over a layer of gauze. But first a special anti-aging cream and rejuvenating creams are applied over the face. The paraffin mask helps to insert those in the skin and give a glowing look. This is usually a part of bridal beauty package which bring back the radiance of the skin.

AHA Facial

Different facials have different benefits and purpose. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) facial is a natural process of making your skin smooth and healthy. It uses natural ingredients derived from fruits and flowers. People who have pigmented skin and wrinkles problems are recommended to have this regularly. It improves the capillary action, skin texture. This facial also works as a remedy for anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mental stresses. For sensitive skin, which cannot tolerate any chemical, this treatment is really suitable. For different skin type, different fruits and flower extracts are used.

Bio-lift Facial

Bio-lift spa facial uses a bio-mask that makes your skin tighten and gives you a younger look. The process includes a deep cleansing, massage and rejuvenation (restoring the youthfulness) treatment. This facial is useful to get rid of the dark circles under the eye which is caused due to age effect or extensive work pressure.

Men's facial New York

Different facials available in spas have become a very important part of our skin care routine today. Every facial has its own specific benefits and suits with different skin types. Before choosing a spa facial treatment, you may consult with an expert to get recommendation about the suitable facial for your skin. One spa that I recommend for different spa facials in New York is Dyanna Spa. They are highly reputed for their top quality service.


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