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My Choice of Tanning Bed Supplies

Updated on May 30, 2013

Tanning Bed Supplies

Whether you are a homeowner with a home tanning bed of your own to enjoy and use at your leisure, or you are a business person who owns a tanning salon that maybe houses several commercial tanning beds, I'm sure there is going to come a time when you will need some tanning bed supplies.

Now, this is probably more pertinent to the commercial tanning bed owner as their tanning beds will get a lot more use and therefore will have parts that will wear out quicker than the residential tanning bed owner. But I'm sure the same thing can happen if you just have a private sun bed in your home.

I think this is where its always useful to know some of the tanning bed parts that can wear out or outright break on you and what you'll need to do about getting and fitting replacement parts. So this article will cover those areas of this topic as a way of giving some useful information that you can use if you need it.

Tanning Bed Bulbs

Of all the working parts of a home or commercial tanning bed, the bulbs are the ones that are most likely to give out on your at some stage or another. That's no big deal, really as they are no worse than a regular florescent bulb going dead in your kitchen or garage.

Bulbs wear out, that's just a fact of life. It doesn't matter what kind of bulbs they are, whether they're just regular household light bulbs, florescent lamps, low energy bulbs or tanning bed bulbs! You can count on one thing here and that's they are going to give out!

These are special bulbs of course as they are responsible for producing the UV rays and emulating the sun to create your tan. I hope I don't need to say here that regular fluorescent bulbs cannot be used as a substitute! You can never be too careful.

So what do you need to do about replacing them when they do finally give up the ghost? Well, you could go to a store that sells tanning bed supplies or you can search for them online and have them delivered to your door.

If you need some help locating them online, just go to Google and type in "tanning bed replacement lamps" or something similar and you'll get a pretty comprehensive listing of all the online vendors of them.

Fitting the lamps is usually not too difficult and if you can change a florescent bulb, then you should have no trouble changing a UV lamp. Make sure you follow the instructions that came with your tanning bed and if you are in any doubt, then there should be some contact information in those instructions that you can get a hold of a service engineer or customer services that can talk you through it.

If all else fails, you'll have to call out a service engineer to fit the bulb for you. But even if that seems like it might be expensive, consider what it would cost to replace your whole machine if you do something completely wrong and break it!

Other Tanning Bed Supplies

There are a many other tanning bed supplies that make up the experience of using one of these machines and that means more than just spare parts to replace worn or damaged ones.

Of the replacement parts, there are such things as remote timer systems, replacement tanning bed fans,lamp meters, lamp sockets, lamp starters and igniters, capacitors, ballasts and pistons etc.

Of the additional accessories you'll need to include tanning lotions, bronzers and tanning accelerators, acrylics, special protective eye wear, contoured tanning bed pillows, moisturizers and cleaning supplies.

Again, you can either take yourself to the stores and buy them yourself from specialist tanning bed suppliers, or you can stay in your armchair and surf the Internet for online vendors who will deliver your stuff right to your door. Now that can't be bad!

When all is said and done, obtaining supplies for your own bed or that of your commercial business is easier nowadays than it has ever been thanks to the Internet where you have almost all the resources you'll ever need right at your fingertips.

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Do You Own a Home Tanning Bed?

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