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Look Younger with Vitamin C Therapy: Get Smooth and Glowing Skin Naturally

Updated on October 5, 2014

Vitamin C and Younger Looking Skin

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient which plays a critical role in the repair of tissues, wound healing and also maintaining teeth and bone health. Though Vitamin C deficiency is a very rare condition, given that it is easily available from most food sources, smokers are at a high risk of having an insufficiency of this essential vitamin.

With regards to its role in the management of skin conditions, vitamin C helps fight pimples, acne, blemishes, scars, and enlarged pores. Furthermore, the vitamin helps improve the texture as well as the tone of your skin and hence has an important part to play in skin rejuvenation.

Vitamin C Therapy: Getting a Glowing Skin

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most important anti-aging vitamins; it has been widely promoted as the most essential beauty element, and notably, it has lived up to all its claims. Skin care experts say, this vitamin enhances the skin from inside out, eliminates acne and scars, keeps you skin radiant and glowing and also irons out fine lines and wrinkles.

Researchers at the Leicester University and Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Portugal, were finally able to explain how Vitamin C contributes to improving skin health:

  • Vitamin C acts on the human skin fibroblasts and stimulates dormant or inactive fibroblasts to multiply and helps them to migrate to the damaged tissue, thereby hastening healing of wounds.
  • Vitamin C also protects the skin by enhancing the capacity of fibroblasts to repair DNA cells, which might have mutated due to exposure to sun or because of free radical damage and thus decelerates the process of aging, wrinkling and skin cancer.

Get a Younger Looking Skin: Smooth Skin with Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C therapy promises you a clear, radiant, and younger looking skin; what's more, it effectively tackles the damaging effects of stress and aging too. Here are some natural skin care products:

  • Skin cleansers comprising of Oat Protein, Witch Hazel Extract and Molasses: help rinse out all grime, dirt, and grease. They gently exfoliate dead cells and encourage skin cell regeneration. Exfoliation prevents the formation of acne and pimples on the skin.
  • Skin toners that contain Algae Extract and Willow Bark: enhance skin tone and texture and diminish large and unattractive pores.
  • Moisturizing creams and anti wrinkle creams containing Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract and Ginko Biloba: nourish the skin and keep it well hydrated.
  • Anti aging serums pass on the potent anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C directly in to the skin and ward off damage by free radicals.

In addition to local application of Vitamins, consuming Vitamin C supplements can also be beneficial. also, make sure that you add plenty of vitamin C rich foods to your daily diet.

Vitamin C Rich Foods Bring About Natural Anti Aging: Look Younger – Eat Right

The following foods supply loads of vitamin C; make sure you incorporate them in to your daily diet:

  • Bell peppers
  • Oranges and limes
  • Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts
  • Kidney beans
  • Berries
  • Plums, Prunes and peaches
  • Mangoes

Your skin will inevitably age with time, given that; it is continually exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, pollutants and stress. Aging commences at birth itself, and the process can not be turned back entirely. Nonetheless, you don’t need to lose hope, because good and regular skin care will make time tick slowly, and will guarantee a beautiful, youthful and clear skin.


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