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White Jewelry Boxes Make Beautiful Gifts

Updated on April 25, 2012

White Jewelry Boxes To Organise And Keep Jewelry Safe

Jewelry boxes are great for organising your precious pieces of jewelry, keeping it all in one place so that nothing gets lost or misplaced. White jewelry boxes in particular, are ultra feminine and a different take on traditional wood coloured finishes. If you're looking to buy a white jewelry box for yourself, or for someone else as a gift, there's something to suit all budgets and style tastes.

A jewelry box is a great way to ensure that your collection is housed safely and all in one place. It's easy to mislay items of jewelry when you keep them in their original boxes when not wearing them. Having all your jewelry in a jewelry box means that you can immediately see your collection, saving time when choosing what items to wear. Prior to using a jewelry box, I kept all my rings, earrings, chains and bracelets in their original boxes, and it was a time consuming job sorting through them to find something in particular to wear.

White Jewelry Box Chest

This white jewelry box is ideal for someone who has a sizable collection. It's 14" wide, 9" deep and 10" tall. It includes a mirror, three hidden draws and is lined with rich red plush felt.

The decoration is a ming dynasty styled series of motifs and the finish a twelve coated lacquer. This white jewelry box also features mother of pearl and gold leaf lacquered brass.

This jewelry box is ornate in design and would make a stunning gift for a special occasion. Jewelry boxes can end up as treasured possessions, used throughout a lifetime. It's a special gift that can be passed down from generation to generation. It's worth investing in quality craftmanship when buying a jewelry box, because quality equates to longevity, and that's a must for something as special as this.

Large White Jewelry Box Chest

If you're into the oriental style of design above, here's an alternative white jewelry box that's a bit bigger for anyone with a larger collection of jewelry. Designed in a similar ming style, this white jewelry box has dimensions of 16" wide, 11.5" deep and 16" tall.

With the same twelve coat lacquer finished and mother of pearl detail as the white jewelry box above, this one also has a lining of plush red felt.

With 5 draws of storage space and necklace hooks, this white jewelry box is big enough to house the most comprehensive of jewelry collections. Regular people jewelry collections that is, not necessarily the likes of Paris Hilton's jewelry collection - have you seen her walk in jewelry closet?!

This white jewelry box is a really feminine item that would look great in a soft, girly bedroom.

White Faux Leather Jewelry Box

For something a little more contemporary, this white faux leather jewelry box is sleek and stylish in design. This white jewelry box comes with a removable travel case that can house all jewelry types to keep them safe for when you're on the move.

This jewelry box has a clear viewing window in the lid, two draws and lots of compartments. Padded watch cushions and ring rolls are included, and it's lined with a sand coloured faux suede fabric.

This white jewelry box is modern and elegant and would look great in a minimalist bedroom. There's plenty of storage for the average jewelry collection, and with dedicated compartments with earring holes, you need never have to waste time searching for a pair again!

White Musical Jewelry Box

I have a musical jewelry box and whenever I open it I am always taken back to my childhood, when it was given to me. On the flip side, whenever I hear Le Mer it always reminds me of my jewelry box as that is the song that plays when you open it.

Musical jewelry boxes can be considered a bit twee, but I think they have a unique charm to them. Much like me with the song Le Mer, no matter what tune your music box plays, it always holds special memories. This white musical jewelry box plays Magic Flute by Mozart.

This white musical jewelry box is strong and sturdy is design and when closed it resembles a dainty miniature chest of draws. At 9.5" tall, 9.25" wide and 6.5" deep, there's plenty of room to keep your jewelry collection in.

This white jewelry box comes in an elegant pearl finish and is lined with sand coloured faux suede material.

Small White Jewelry Box

For a really affordable option, this white jewelry box would be perfect for girls who are just starting out with their jewelry collections. Compact but pretty, this simple design would look great in any girly bedroom.

With a single tray that is divided into compartments for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and a storage space underneath for more bulky items such as bangles and bold fashion jewelry pieces, there's plenty of room for a small jewelry collection to be housed in.

This white jewelry box is finished in a white wood veneer and lined with white polyester/nylon. There's also a decorative light blue tassel on top to open the lid. It's not one of the more ornate white jewelry boxes, but for the price, you're getting a pretty, functional gift that someone may treasure.


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