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Winter Fashion: Leopard Print Baby Coats and Boots

Updated on November 16, 2013

Keep Your Child Warm This Winter with Leopard Print

Leopard print baby coats and boots are fashionable items to have in your child's winter wardrobe.

A leopard coat can be worn with dress up attire or an be worn casually with jeans or leggings. Leopard boots add a vibrant pop to any outfit. Whether you have one or the other, or both depends on the pattern and the style.

On this page you'll find a great selection of jackets and boots for infants and toddlers up to 4T. I'll offer up some general advice for wearing leopard and a case-by case analysis for each coat.

Image: Red Fleece Infant Coat with Leopard Trim from Amazon


Wearing the Leopard Print Coat

A Guide for the Littlest Fashionista

Leopard print is one of those fashion trends that never really becomes unfashionable. Each season delivers a new version of this classic pattern. This is why a leopard print jacket is a great item to add to any baby or toddler wardrobe. But there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing leopard.

If your baby is wearing a leopard coat, that is the accent piece of the outfit. You don't want to put a leopard jacket over a cheetah print dress because that would be overkill. It is best to pair a leopard coat with a simple outfit.

Accessories such as hats and boots should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your leopard coat comes with a matching hat, then by all means wear it, they were designed to go together. If the jacket is a solid color with leopard trim, then there is no problem accessorizing with a leopard hat and boots provided that the patterns are a close match. For jackets that are 100% leopard print, then it depends on how busy the pattern is.

For more information on accessorizing with leopard print, check out:

Fashionable Leopard Print Baby Accessories
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Image: Leopard, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

Leopard Print Infant Coats

Leopard Print Toddler and Baby Jackets - Stylish leopard baby coats

Leopard coats are a great look for babies and there are many styles to choose from including faux fur leopard coats with hoods and puffer jackets with leopard trim.

Amy Byer Outerwear Little Girls'  All Over Leopard Print Jacket
Amy Byer Outerwear Little Girls' All Over Leopard Print Jacket

Leopard jacket with pink lining and faux fur trim along the hood. The snaps are accented with pink rhinestones. If you can match the print, by all means pair with leopard boots.

Rothschild Little Girls'  Rouched Coat with Pillow Collar
Rothschild Little Girls' Rouched Coat with Pillow Collar

This coat extends below the waist for greater warmth and is lined with leopard. There is a rhinestone accented bow at the back and the front buttons are also accented with rhinestones. This coat will pair well with leopard boots or solid color boots.

Rothschild Little Girls'  Toggle Jacket
Rothschild Little Girls' Toggle Jacket

Leopard faux fur jacket with hood, hidden zipper and double toggle closure. This leopard pattern is too busy to add any additional leopard to.

Bearington Bears Luxe Plush Leopard Baby Coat 12-24 Months
Bearington Bears Luxe Plush Leopard Baby Coat 12-24 Months

Plush leopard coat with ears and satin bows at the neck and cuffs. For toddlers 12 - 24 months. This would be really cute with a matching pair of leopard faux fur boots.


Leopard Fleece Baby Coat with Flower Accents - Leopard coat and hat set

This is a whole new interpretation of leopard. The jacket and matching leopard hat have a fuchsia trim. The large pink buttons down the front match the flower appliques.

I would most definitely pair this jacket with plain shoes or boots. You don't want anything to take away from this matching set.

Bonnie Baby-girls Infant Leopard Fleece Coat and Hat BR0SA, Brown
Bonnie Baby-girls Infant Leopard Fleece Coat and Hat BR0SA, Brown

This stylish coat is made with 100% polyester fleece. Available for babies in 0 - 3 month, 3 - 6 month, and 6 - 9 month sizes.


Pink Animal Print Infant Coats - Leopard print seen four different ways

Leopard goes so well with pink. For babies and toddlers you will find both pink leopard print patterns and pink clothing that has a leopard trim.

Reversible Pink / Leopard Puffer Jacket

Pink & Leopard Todler Coat - Reversed

This pink leopard puffer jacket is reversible. One side is pink with leopard and pink heart accents and the other side is leopard. The hood can either be worn as is or rolled down to create a collar. Available for toddlers 2T through 4T.

When wearing the pink side, you could definitely pair with leopard boots provided that the patterns match. But, the leopard side is a bit busy to pair with any more leopard. You could wear pink boots or pick any color within the pattern (tan, black, brown) and pair with boots of similar color.

Rothschild Little Girls'  Teddy Jacket, Pink, Small
Rothschild Little Girls' Teddy Jacket, Pink, Small

Plush pink baby doll style jacket with leopard trim and pompoms. For toddlers and small kids in sizes 2 to 6X.

Pink Platinum Baby-Girls Newborn Cheetah Ear Pram
Pink Platinum Baby-Girls Newborn Cheetah Ear Pram

This cute 'cheetah' print fleece jumpsuit will keep your baby warm this fall and winter. This pink lined outfit is super cute with ears on the hood and a little pocket with pink trim at the front. The outfit opens with a zipper closure. Available for babies in 0 - 3 month, 3 - 6 month, 6 - 9 month sizes


Matching Faux Fur Leopard Print Infant Coat and Boots

Lovely in leopard

It's really great when you can find a matching set, since leopard can be challenging to match.

This leopard faux fur jacket has a hood and a satin lining. The front is decorated with a bejewelled button closure. Fully machine washable. Available for babies and toddlers from 0 - 6 months to 3T.

The matching faux fur leopard boots also are accented with jeweled buttons and close with Velcro. Available in 0 - 6 month and 6 - 12 month sizes.

Mud Pie Leopard Print Infant Coat with Hood

Mud Pie Leopard Print Baby Booties

Leopard Boots for Babies and Toddlers

Wearing Leopard Boots - Toddlers look oh-so-cute prancing around in animal prints

Boots and shoes are a great starting point if you're new to leopard or are uncomfortable with your child wearing such a bold fashion item.

Sometimes a pair of leopard boots are all you need.

My daughter was given a pair of leopard boots as a Christmas gift and I absolutely adored them. They went with almost any outfit (except for bold patterns) and she always got compliments on them. They made a statement on their own and it wasn't necessary to pair them with any other leopard accessories. I'm not saying that they wouldn't have been cute with a matching hat or coat, but it isn't essential.

Classic Leopard Ugg Boots in Three Colors - Baby Leopard Boots in Pink, Chestnut and Purple

Ugg boots have been very popular since the mid-2000s so it's only natural that they have been created in leopard print for babies. These Ugg boots are super-duper cute and come in three great colors: Pink Leopard, Chestnut Leopard and Purple Leopard.

Leopard Boots for Babies - An assortment of stylish and cute looks for babies

Important things to consider when buying boots for infants is the age of the child and what they will be used for. Booties for non-walking infants and indoor shoes for toddlers don't need a rubber sole. But, if you plan to go outside with an active toddler (who will no doubt walk through every puddle in sight), then it is wise to make sure your leopard boot has a sturdy rubber sole. Otherwise you will be changing wet socks. The leopard shoes I so lovingly spoke of were fabulous indoors and outside on sunny days, but my daughter couldn't wear them in wet weather or her feet would be soaked.

Baby Boots with Pom Poms (9-12 mths, Pink Leopard)
Baby Boots with Pom Poms (9-12 mths, Pink Leopard)

These are really cute pink leopard print baby booties with pink pompoms. They open at the side with a Velcro closure. Available in 0 - 3 month, 3 - 6 month, 6 - 9 month and 9 - 12 month sizes.

Natural Steps Lil Safari Boot (Infant)
Natural Steps Lil Safari Boot (Infant)

Fuchsia leopard print infant boots accented with a black bow. Available in sizes 0 - 3.


Baby Leopard Coats and Boots Guestbook - Does your child wear leopard in the winter?

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