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Baby Witch Costume

Updated on October 22, 2017

Lace Infant Witch Halloween Costume

Lace Witch Infant Halloween Costume (0-9 Months)
Lace Witch Infant Halloween Costume (0-9 Months)

I can see this little black number in my Halloween frenzied dreams. For the littlest witch on Halloween!


This classic costume is black velvet and lace with cream flowers circling the hat, making this creation picture perfect and very la di dah. Little witch shoes are included with the outfit. It is simply to die for! Rock it out, pretty little guy or angelic little girl! Witches can go either way you know.

This baby witch costume is bold, bad, and beautiful. Heads will swivel as they turn back to look at the baby doll done up as a witch. It is not so much scary as it is scandalous. How inappropriate the churchers will exclaim! Mama should know better! Well, momma does know better, and she knows cute when she sees it. All Hallows is certainly the time to stretch the bounds of civilization and imagination as well.

Others will say, oh my! What a sweet little witch baby! She is dressed perfectly to celebrate that most fun and symbolic of holidays. Any baby wearing this costume is assured of growing up with a fine sense of self, society, and Halloween. And a charming baby witch will certainly grow up to be a charming grownup witch .

This little number is suitable for the baby that looks a person directly in the eyes. This baby does not flinch away or cling to mommy. No, not this one. It takes a bold and brave baby to go the witch route. No guts, no glory is the rule of thumb on that I believe. Say it after me, babies make the most darling witches, darling.

Pilgrim Witch Baby

Rubie's Costume Tyke Or Treat Baby Bunting Costume Witch, Witch, 0-9 Months
Rubie's Costume Tyke Or Treat Baby Bunting Costume Witch, Witch, 0-9 Months

Shades of John Wayne saying Pilgrim. How sweet, and tart, a pilgrim witch baby!


Please Don't Wiggle Your Nose

More Choices For Witch Babies

Here is another choice in the baby witch costume category. It's not really scary, more like fun and pretty. And golden in color - it goes well with basic black.

We don't do evil witch babies. Too young.

Black And Gold Baby Witch Costume

Rubie's Costume Cute Witch Costume, 6-12 Months
Rubie's Costume Cute Witch Costume, 6-12 Months

Gold and black, simple and witchy. Get pretty, little witch girl!


Cranky Tabitha


Disguise Fairytale Witch Girls Costume

Fairytale Witch Girls Costume, 4-6X
Fairytale Witch Girls Costume, 4-6X

Here's what it's all about, walking that Halloween magic right down the middle of the runway.

This Halloween costume could use a big sister or two.


© 2013 Linda Hahn

Say Hey Little Witches!

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