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How To Dress Like A Witch

Updated on October 22, 2017

Witch's Hat, power Accessories For Witches


All About The Attitude

Traditionally, witches have been the outcasts, living only in dangerous fringe societies. These outsiders were healers, scapegoats, fortune tellers, and midwives. Nature religions have existed since the beginning of time. These religions have been merged, morphed, and at times, driven underground. The names are many, shaman, wise woman, seer.

The full light of day shines upon us now. We are blessed.

Hold on, I'll just grab my hat.

Ok then.

Question everything.

When To Dress Like A Witch

How often should witches be on the street?

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Becoming a witch is a growing experience, much like any other.

Jackson Blue & The Witch's Hat

Jackson Blue
Jackson Blue | Source

I love Halloween. There is something so heartening about seeing witches walking down the street, driving cars, and shopping for groceries. We should do this more often.

Is witchcraft simply freedom of thought?

Candles For That Witchy Ambience

Magic Candles - Set of 3
Magic Candles - Set of 3

Soft pretty rainbow colors. So you need a little witchy ambiance, who doesn't?


Freedom of thought should be a good thing, but be careful with it. Sometimes your thoughts are just too scandalous to be said aloud.

Power to the witches!

How To Dress The Witchy Way

Get yourself a basic black dress. Top it with a pointy hat. And always carry a broom. That'll get you noticed.

Let the inner witch breathe free.

Witches Hat

Witch Hat with Glitter Pattern
Witch Hat with Glitter Pattern

Witchy and glittering, that takes care of two items.


© 2012 Linda Hahn

Witch It Right Here

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