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Top iPhone Fishing Apps

Updated on November 9, 2014
Catching Big Fish
Catching Big Fish | Source

Mobile Apps for Fishing

Fisherman can gain several advantages through the use of mobile applications to keep up to date with information, access resources such as maps or tutorials, and keep track of daily successes and happenings on the water to learn from to improve in the future.

The phone allows an anger to capture lots of pieces of data from GPS coordinates to visuals from quick pictures to other information entered in throughout the day to create amazing trip logs.

There also is just a bunch of fun fishing games to play too, the app store is full of games inspired by the rod and reel.

There are a couple of different variations of applications on the iPhone.

  1. Fishing Games - These are just a ton of fun to play allowing you to catch a virtual trophy.These apps are just for fun.
  2. Fishing Support Apps - The classic fishing journal has gone mobile, now record your catches while on the water and never lose any of the important details. Several gps companies have apps for location and tide charts and another important information for boaters and fisherman. These apps are utilities that are designed to help you be a better angler.

Video Review of Ninja Fishing Game

iPhone Fishing Games

There is always a new fishing game coming out for the iOS system so regardless if you are looking for a fishing experience on iPhone or iPad, it is always worth it to do a quick search directly in the app store and see what pops up on top for the day. But the following games are great and worth downloading.

  1. Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is a game filled of pure fun game play. While not your traditional fishing video game, this is a lot of fun to play and well liked by the massive number of 5 stars this game has received. Have fun on your quest for glory and gills.

  2. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing By Activision - A popular game by a large game maker that has mixed reviews in the store from players. The Rapala series bass fishing games have been popular for years so it is worth a shot if you enjoy these types of games.

  3. Fishing Kings Free+ - Get offshore and catch some real fish in this iPhone app that takes you saltwater fishing in the big blue. 15 different fishing spots are available to go to around the world and catch 33 different fish species that are swimming around. This game has all of the tackle that is important to catching the biggest fish of the ocean including a blue marlin and making the challenge come through in the game experience on a phone. This one is lots of fun and its free to play.

  4. Flick Fishing - This classic fishing game is the 25th best selling game of all time on iTunes, it is well made and is easy to learn how to play. Sit back and flick and cast and catch a giant fish with this fun to play game. Use a spinner, lure, bait fish, and more in the tackle box.

  5. Ninja fishing is a well designed fishing inspired game. Check out the video review to the right to see the game in action. Catch all kinds of different fish species and earn points and rewards as you go, with this fun game.

A Flick Fishing Overview

Top Fishing Log Apps

Keep track of your success fishing by using a fishing log or journal to keep track of your success on the water. All of these apps provide anglers the ability to track fish caught, how big, where, the date, lure, rod, line, water temp, color, etc. Try a couple different ones out and see what input method works best for you when you are out in the field. Use an app that fits your style, if you want to enter the data in at the end of the fishing trip all at once make sure you are keeping track of all the important pieces of information as the day goes by. Taking pictures of the fish, lures, and the surroundings are also another helpful way to turn fishing reports into very visually helpful tools in the future when deciding what to use or where to go.

  1. MFP Fishing Log - Catch Reports and Patterns. This has strong ratings and been given notable press recognitions for its quality.

  2. Fish Tales - A Fishing Log Book and Journal costs $2.99 and is a popular and well built tool for tracking fishing catches. Use the camera to make visual notes concerning locations, species, and baits used.

  3. Strike King Fishing Log - Made by the lure maker Strike King Lure Company this app incorporates all of the key features necessary to make a decent fishing log app. Its unfortunate that Strike King however is charging for their mobile application rather than just making an awesome tool that gets mobile fan engagement occurring through the app, instead it is $1.99 to download. It tracks: trip information, weather data, tide data, photo gallery, mapping pages, and also includes several resources to help you be a better angler.
  4. Fishidy - A comprehensive fishing application with detailed information on local waterways, a catch documenting procedure to capture and upload and share pictures to your social networks and quality maps that actually help you better locate fish holding locations.
  5. ScoutLook Weather FishLog- Help you plan when the best times to go for your next recreation fishing adventure. Keep track of the critical changes in the weather and record exactly what is going on when you catch a fish with this application.

Excellent Outdoors Device


Top 5 Utility Fishing Apps

Most anglers can benefit from having the following apps on their mobile device. These are focused on making sure that you have the information that you need on where and when to go and what to do when you get there to make sure that the trip is successful overall.

  1. Boat Ramps from has the locations of 35,000 different boating destinations in its database of places to go in the United States. Select by current location, zip code, city and quickly get great recommendations.

  2. Marine & Lakes - This app is the premier boating navigation application for a mobile phone. Boaters, Anglers, and everyone that gets out on the water can use this app to know there location at all time. The app has several core features including: routes & tracks, weather and tides, community edits, search, share, map options, sync, magazines & guides, and more. The app costs $9.99 but it is well worth it, this is a quality marine chart.

  3. Knot Wars - Learn how to tie all of the most important knots in the fishing game. This app is fairly comprehensive in the list of knot tutorials and will teach you all of the basics plus many specialty varieties.

  4. Orvis Fly fishing - The Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide - This application has a unique twist while it costs $9.99 you also receive a $10 Orvis gift card with purchase and registration. The app is jam packed with fly fishing information and tools to help you become a more successful fisherman. There is lessons with video casting instructions, overviews on riggings and knot tying, information of fishing hot spots around the world. This is the ultimate fly fisherman iPhone app.

  5. Weather - Get a weather app. It is likely the most important utility app that you will have on your phone so go and do some research on what is the best iPhone weather apps.

Navionics on iPhone


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      Very interesting. Why shouldn't fishing go to new levels along with the rest of the world? :) Thanks for info on apps that will let me surprise a couple of people.