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Best Torrent Client Apps for Android Based Devices

Updated on March 26, 2013

Torrent Clients for Android Devices


Best Torrent Client Apps for Android Based Devices

Find the best torrent client apps for android based devices today and enjoy legal torrents irrespective of whether they are movies, music and other videos. The android smartphones and the tablets have taken over the role of the PC’s owing to the expanded functionality and their increasing popularity. Among the greater functions which can be actualized with the android phones and the tablets is downloading torrents. This might be something many people have not imagined but with the best torrent client apps for android based devices, this is a reality.

Torrents form a great way of distributing music, videos and software without the need to set up storage, servers and other infrastructure which is now resident in the network of peer devices. The torrent concept is awesome abuse notwithstanding. The torrent apps continue to evolve and get better such that android now takes advantage from downloading from peer to peer networks.

Here is a look at the best torrent client apps for android based devices which are available from Google Play.


tTorrent Lite is another of the torrent clients available for android devices and provides features all similar to the other torrent clients. The features are queuing torrents, UPnP and the NTP-PnP support, Wi-Fi mode only, web browser integration and multiple torrent downloading. The disadvantage with this torrent client is the high price attached to it. It is the most popular and perhaps the best torrent client apps for android based devices.

The SmartTorrent bit torrent client has been designed specifically for android devices. It has the distinction of being the fastest torrent client for any other android devices and will rank highly among the best torrent clients. It allows simultaneous downloads from the top torrent search engines.


uTorrent Remote is a popular bit client which carries a clean and sleek look. Beyond the physical presentation is the features filled app which is very simple to use. The most prominent feature is that of moving, saving and playing the completed files from the android device to the PC. It allows for update and addition of torrents, checking on the status of downloads, and even tapping from the RSS subscriptions.

The aDownloader is a good native bit-torrent android app and provides a very quick torrent downloading experience. Features include the support of IP filtering, the support of all the different search engines, the addition of the SD card to the torrent directories and finally the control of the maximum upload and download speeds. The biggest hurdle is that it lacks the tablet specific UI and lacks the Wi-Fi download mode as well as proxy support.

The Transdroid torrent client app provides complete control over the torrents in a way that the android user can perform a number of actions. You can label, pause, remove, stop, and prioritize just as they would with the corresponding desktop clients. The biggest advantage with the Transdroid is that you directly use the RSS feed of your favorite tracker and download content on the go.

The Rutracker downloader is another of the good choices which can be taken up and used to download files from torrent sites and search engines. Notable features are the management of the multiple downloads, queuing of the torrents and the feature of web browser integration. The disadvantages are the lack of a tablet specific UI and the lack of the Wi-Fi only download mode.

Best Torrent Client for Android

These are some of the most popular torrent clients and which have been voted as the best torrent client apps for android based devices through reviews from android users. The torrent client apps for android have one universal disadvantage which is the fact that consume the battery fast, mobile data plans and storage resources. There are numerous other torrent clients available and which are still used by android users. Check them all from Google Play and make a point of sifting through the reviews to choose the best torrent client apps for android based devices.


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