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1 Step way to turn Facebook Chat feature OFF!

Updated on August 23, 2012
av8erprince profile image

Manpreet "Prince" Singh is a FAA certificated flight instructor with about 20 years of experience as a pilot and flight instructor.

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1 Step - Turn the Chat OFF in Facebook

Ok, I read about the 50 Funny Facebook Status Ideas. And honestly, I did enjoy just about each one of them. I liked the one especially where Dave says that his wife tells him that he is too immature and if he does not grow up, it is going to erect a barrier between them; erect! HAHAHA!

Go on and read all 50 of them. They are funnier than you can imagine. And the best thing is that each one of pretty useful in daily life.

My post here has to deal with people like me who hate the GODDAMN chat function of the Facebook. All I am trying to do is log on and check my messages real quick, and there they are, about 10 of my loser buddies (that is like 5% of my total Facebook friends), furloughed from their airline pilot jobs, and they all just want to chat with me, and mama taught me not to ignore as that is rude. So, I am on the verge of either getting fired from my job, or get divorced because of this.

Well guys, so I had to find the solution to this. As we know, there is no Turn Off chat function in facebook, and there is no invisible sign on either, and no we can't ignore the friends, and definitely, we don't want to get fired or divorced (with a few exceptions).

Well, this is what you do - instead of going to the normal site; simply go to: and that is all. No chat anymore. Do your thing, and take your sweet a** time. But, definitely, no more chat!

And wait a minute here: If you want to join hands with me; and get the Facebook folks to do something about this chat function, join the poll below. If there is enough votes, I am sure we can get a better option that using Facebook lite.

About the author

The author is a former Cisco Network Engineer, Sun System Administrator, and an Airline Transport Pilot, Aviation business owner, and now a full time blogger. You can visit his blog sites:


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    • profile image

      meow 5 years ago

      This is no longer valid.

    • av8erprince profile image

      Manpreet Prince Singh 8 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      I don't know about other people, but I am always scared to login. So, had to find this. Thanks a lot for the comment habee. And I love your hubs.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks for the tip! It can be annoying at times.