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10 More Enjoyable YouTube Channels

Updated on March 9, 2019
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YouTube is the gateway to so much entertainment. Never stick to one genre.

More Channels, More Variety!

So, in the last hub I did for YouTube, I mainly went through and named gaming channels. Well, this time around, it's time to give notice to different channels. The artists, explorers, and vlog type channels. There are some game channels here as well, a little bit of everything for everyone. Just so we are clear here, this list is in no specific order, I just threw in channels where ever, so there is no case of this channel is better then the other.


Let's start of this list with a gaming channel, Cartoonz. Run by a guy named Luke, he covers games from multi-player to single player. He brings to his videos a lot of personality, and has a tough sounding voice. I bet he's actually pretty sweet though, but could probably put you through a wall. He seems to stick with the more action packed titles, Far Cry and Apex, but will play some Uno and Stick Fight.

Rooster Teeth

The only company on this list, Rooster Teeth started out as a few friends playing games, doing reviews, and just having a great time. It is now a popular name on the internet, throwing out series such as RvB, RWBY, and most recently, gen:LOCK. Their channel includes trailers for their website only shows, podcasts, RT shorts, and animated adventures. This channel has a bit of everything for everyone, so check them out and see what you discover!

Alonzo Lerone

Ok, chances are you have seen this guy appear on Facebook, or on Twitter. Alonzo, known for the 'Get a Dictionary!' line, mainly makes videos showcasing fails on the internet. These fails usually consist of tweets and posts with many typos, and Alonzo trying to make sense of whatever the person was TRYING to get across. Lately, he's decided to try weird food combinations, to see which are actually decent and which ones will make you vomit. You know, for science.

Gaming Terroriser

As the name hints, yes this is another gaming channel. Run by Irish personality Brian, his channel consists of mainly multi player games. Aside from games, if you dig deep enough you can find some vlogs and Q & A sessions he has done in the past. The guy has such a great personality, yet in a few games his rage shows and brings even MORE amusement. Apparently, he also does a fantastic Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, which many fans and his friends bug him to do.


What does Mac do exactly? Well, he does a lot of reaction videos, mainly to racist videos and homophobia. I personally came across his videos recently, and he is fantastic to watch and so entertaining. He turns videos full of hate into jokes and just has a great time with it. He also does red carpet fashion reviews, and tries different items. He's tried on costumes, played with toys from the 90's, and followed a Bob Ross video to make a beautiful painting.


This here is the first and only artist on this list, Dollightful! As hinted by that picture, she does doll customs. Her videos consist of her explaining the process, giving tips, showing some really amazing creations off, and she is a total sweetheart. She's made videos explaining that anyone can do doll customs, even if you don't have state of the art materials, proving you can make art no matter what. She is very family friendly, and is such a pleasure to watch her work

Sam and Colby

If you like watching two boys explore abandoned places, sneak away from security and homeless people, and run from pretty much anything, this is the channel for you. Run by Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, each with their own personal channels, the main subject of their videos is exploring. Sometimes the location is haunted, such as hospitals or asylums they come across. Other times, the location is just a theme park, or an abandoned town in the middle of nowhere, where their only threat is police or angry landowners. Either way, don't trespass into places like these fools.

Moo Snuckle

Shortened to just Moo, is the final gaming channel on this list. Run by Brock, he mainly sticks to multi player games. He has done a few Q&A sessions, and doesn't show his face in his videos like others have. He is usually relaxed and pretty laid back, laughing at his friends anger, and makes jokes and puns. However, if you ever watch a Golf It video with him in it, do not be surprised by his outbursts of anger. It's quite surprising when he gets angry, mainly cause you don't expect it.

Rob Gavagan

He was known as Rob Dyke before, but changed his name due to some issues. This is a darker channel, with Rob specializing in videos such as unsolved murders, and his Seriously Strange series. His videos are full of facts and is not for the faint of heart. There are some lighter, silly videos thrown in to out weigh the darkness though.

Matthew Santoro

A Canadian YouTuber, Matthew does videos similar to Rob, yet not as dark. He has a 50 Amazing Facts series, and mainly does informative countdowns, as well as creepy countdowns. He has a bouncy personality, but gets very eerie and quieter for the more disturbing countdowns. He is definitely a channel you turn on for the quirky personality.

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